Alison Fraser's Tennessee Williams: Words and Music Is a Portal to Black and White Romance

Last updated May 7th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Alison Fraser's Tennessee Williams: Words and Music Is a Po…

Two-time Tony nominee Alison Fraser accomplished the impossible: she’s found a way to transport us through time. In her new album Tennessee Williams: Words and Music, Fraser works with the amazing band The Gentleman Callers to create a 16-track album merging songs featured in Williams’ wonderful works with readings of his prose (reading tracks are asterisked), and the result is magical. As a listener, I was transported to a black and white movie I didn’t want to leave, filled with romance and heartache. The album, recorded in New Orleans, seems to be set in a hot, smoky room where you can dance and drink and just have a ball. Below, BroadwayBox reacts to the first time we heard each track in animated GIF. Download your copy today and follow along.

1. If I Didn’t Care

Fraser- Track 1
It’s smoky and French, and I want to go to wherever she is.

2. It's Only a Paper Moon

Fraser- track 2
Such a flirty little tune. Makes you want to tousle someone’s hair.

3.* One Night’s Shelter

Fraser- Track 3

4. You’re the Only Star (In My Blue Heaven)

Fraser- Track 4
This song sounds like moonlight on the water; it's so pretty.

5. New San Antonio Rose

Fraser- Track 5
Kick up your heels, girl.

6. Yellow Dog Blues

Fraser- Track 6
A jazzy delight.

7.* Do You Remember Jean Harlow

Fraser- Track 7

8. Sweet Leilani

Fraser- Track 8

9.* Estrellita

Fraser- Track 9

10. Come le Rose

Fraser- Track 10
I can't understand a word, but the emotion is universal: so beautiful and sad.

11. Sophisticated Lady

Fraser- Track 11
This song should be Betty Draper’s anthem.

12. St. Louis Blues

Fraser- TRack 12
Swanky; dancey; gritty.

13. I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles

Fraser- Track 13

14. The Party’s Over Now

Fraser- Track 14
Oh no, the party is winding down.

15.* Thinner and Thinner

Fraser- Track 15

16. Bye Bye Blues

Fraser- Track 16
Start those toes tapping because we’re going out in style.