On the 23rd Day Of the Month of September, How Much ‘Suddenly Seymour’ Can You Take?

Last updated September 23rd, 2014 by Josh Ferri
On the 23rd Day Of the Month of September, How Much ‘Sudden…

It’s the twenty-third day of the month of September and the human race is about to encounter a deadly threat to its very existence: 20 videos of Bway celebs singing “Suddenly Seymour.” You see September 23 marks the day the action takes place in the film Little Shop of Horrors (in the musical it was Sept. 21, but who cares). So from original Audrey, Ellen Greene, to pop megastar Ariana Grande, BroadwayBox is here to provide you…a sickening amount of “Suddenly Seymour.” Lift up your head, wash off your mascara and say goodbye to an hour or more of your day.

1. Kicking it off with Tony nominee Ellen Greene (the iconic original Audrey) and Rick Moranis performing in the 1986 film.

2. Then we got Broadway production stars Kerry Butler and Tony nominee Hunter Foster putting their own stamp on it.

3. Bravo used to be fun…there was a time before Housewives where you could watch Broadway’s Best on Bravo and see a random pairing like Mandy Moore and Rent’s Adam Pascal.

4. Megan Hilty and hubby Brian Gallagher do an acoustic version on the guitar and it's heaven.

5. Kinky Boots Ellyn Marie Marsh duets with her former Priscilla co-star Nick Adams as the most studly Seymour ever. #HeCouldTakeThePlant

6. Ariana Grande just wails on this song with her brother, Mamma Mia vet and Big Brother sensation Frankie Grande.

7. So before Kerry Butler was Broadway’s first Audrey, Tony winner Alice Ripley starred in the production out-of-town opposite Hunter Foster. Here’s their “Seymour,” and it’s totally Alice.

8. Orange Is the New Black player and Broadway vet Annie Golden really brought it at a cabaret for CAP21 students with youngster Michael Marmann.

9. The Next Big Thing recording artist Rachel Lorin and Jersey Boys alum Russell Fischer showed this song who was boss at Broadway Sings for Pride in 2013.

10. Broadway songstress Natalie Weiss played Audrey in high school and someone filmed it, and we are grateful to all involved.

11. Julia Murney taps into her inner Audrey opposite Seth Rudetsky (doesn't begin until 1:28).

12. Rock of Ages star Kate Rockwell and Yank’s Tally Sessions gave it a go at Cabaret for A Cause in 2011.

13. Phantom vet Hugh Panaro and Ragtime’s Christian Noll make the song sound so legit.

14. Look it’s Frankie Grande again but this time with Spring Awakening showstopper Lilli Cooper. #TheBeltIKnowWell

15. And now for two other Spring Awakening stars Emma Hunton and Gerard Canonico.

16. Wicked co-stars Adam Wylie and Jenna Leigh Green traded “Dancing Through Life” for “Suddenly Seymour.”

17. Chicago vet Brent Heuser and Kelly King bring rock and riffs to this song in the most signature performance yet.

18. There’s no video here, just audio of American Idol winner Carrie Underwood and Tony nominee Patrick Wilson.

19. West End actors Kieran Brown and Ria Jones do the queen proud with their rendition…and my the Queen, I clearly mean the author of this article, not Her Majesty.

20. Because we all know Ms. Ellen Greene deserves more than one appearance, here she is belting for the gods at Cameron Macintosh’s Hey Mr. Producer celebration (4:30 mark). Plus her and Jakey G at Encores! And that’s how it’s done, children.