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New Year, New App: BroadwayBox Shows 2015 Who’s Boss

January 12th, 2015 by

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New Year, New App: BroadwayBox Shows 2015 Who’s Boss

Have you ever opened an app, scrolled through it then closed it, only to open the same app seconds later to scroll again? This is a sign that your phone might need some more diversity to save you from boredom. Why not liven things up on your iPhone or iPad with the brand-new BroadwayBox App?!

Nene- Phone- Gif- BroadwayBox App

Here are four awesome things you can now do with the BroadwayBox App:

1. Get discounts, duh.
BroadwayBox App- Discount Tickets- Discount Code

You can purchase discount tickets to a slew of Broadway and off-Broadway shows right on the app and have them waiting for you at the theatre, or you can use the handy map feature, walk to the theatre, show your app and get discounts in person. Either way, you save.

2. Favorite Your Shows
BroadwayBox App- Favorites

Thanks to years of Instagramming, you’ve mastered that double thumb tap to show that you approve of what you are seeing in front of you. Now you just tap the heart on a show page and add that show to your favorites collection. Once a show is part of your elite favorites group, you can easily access the play or musical and see when discounts are happening.

3. Fan Out a Bit

The new app has really stunning hi-res images and videos from all the shows. So spice up your down time with some Honeymoon in Vegas b-roll or pics from Kinky Boots.

4. Branch Out From Broadway

We are here to help you have a full New York experience, beyond just the bright lights of Times Square. Using the BroadwayBox app you can get discount offers to museums, landmarks & city-centric tours.

Click here to download the new BroadwayBox app now.