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Every Brilliant Thing Star Jonny Donahoe Shares His 20 Brilliant Things About New York City

January 16th, 2015 by

Every Brilliant Thing Star Jonny Donahoe Shares His 20 Br...

After an acclaimed run in the U.K., Every Brilliant Thing has taken up residence at New York’s Barrow Street Theatre and become the must-see off-Broadway play of the winter. The show’s original star and co-creator Jonny Donahoe continues to share the moving story of one man’s lifelong relationship with depression and how to combat it by recognizing and appreciating the brilliant things (large and small) all around that make life worth living. (It’s not as heavy as it sounds, promise.)

The play marks a series of firsts for Jonny: his first off-Broadway play, his first rave review from The New York Times and the first time he’s taken up residence in Manhattan. Below, Jonny Donahoe shares with us 20 brilliant things this U.K. transplant has observed about life in New York City.

1. UCB Theatre. Last night I saw Scott Adsit and John Lutz do an amazing hour's show for just $5. Exceptional.
2. The way you say aluminum. We say 'al-yoo-min-ee-um'. You do it much more efficiently.
3. Lobster Roll at Chelsea Market.
Lobster Roll - Chelsea Market

4. The dinosaurs at the American Museum of Natural History.
5. American generosity. Last week I went for brunch and sat at a community table and chatted to a lovely family from Dallas. They left and the waiter informed me they'd paid my bill. Amazing.
6. Kettle of Fish. Best Bar in the West Village.
7. Big Gay Ice Cream.
Big Gay Ice Cream

8. The cabs here are about half the price of London cabs. They don't know where they're going, but you get what you pay for.
9. New Yorkers are genuinely a lot friendlier than Londoners.
10. All the tourists are at Times Square, meaning the rest of the city is lovely to walk around.
11. John's of Bleecker Street Pizza.
12. Dogs. Everywhere you look there are dogs. I love dogs.
13. The Chinese Garden Court at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Chinese Garden at the Met

14. The Grid system. I've been here 6 weeks and can find my way around. I've lived in London more than ten years and I still get lost all the time.
15. Sarah Jessica Parker.
Sarah Jessica Parker GIF- Sex and the City

16. The cat that lives at Ray's Super Deli on Hudson Street. I go in, buy a few things and play with the cat for ten minutes.
17. Everything's open really late here.
18. Speaking of which, having the most amazing burger at three in the morning at The Corner Bistro.
Corner Bistro burger

19. No one here has a washing machine. I really enjoy going to a laundry place.
20. Manhattan on the rocks. It's just loads and loads of booze in a glass and it's socially acceptable to drink.
Don Draper- Drinking- GIF

If you are on the hunt for something brilliant in New York City, don’t miss ‘Every Brilliant Thing’ at the Barrow Street Theatre through March 29.