Jersey Boys Standout Natalie Gallo Takes Us Through All Her Fabulous Characters & Costumes

Last updated January 17th, 2019 by Natalie Gallo
Jersey Boys Standout Natalie Gallo Takes Us Through All Her…

Natalie Gallo gives a truly standout performance as Mary Delgado (the badass first wife of Frankie Valli) in the off-Broadway production of the Tony-winning musical Jersey Boys

at New World Stages. In addition to co-starring as Mary, Natalie plays a variety of other women in The Four Seasons lives throughout the night, and she slays each one.
Jersey Boys Off Broadway Musical Natalie Gallo Aaron De Jesus
Photo by Joan Marcus

Scroll on as Natalie takes BroadwayBox through a typical Jersey Boys show one costume and character at a time.

’90s French Hip-Hop Dancer

Natalie Gallo- Jersey Boys-Musical-Off Broadway-opening look
Photo by Rose Bisogno

Truly living my best ‘90s French hip-hop self in this opening look. Who doesn’t love an oversized fedora and turquoise capri pant? Favorite part of this number? The audience reaction; they always think they’re at the wrong show.

Nick’s Blob Date

Natalie Gallo- Jersey Boys-Musical-Off Broadway-Nick's Date
Photo by Rose Bisogno

This is Nick’s date. All she wants is to see The Blob. Is that SO much to ask? Pink sweetheart dress, purple shrug and purple clutch help make up this character—oh, and a pouty lip!

Mary “The Man Eater” Delgado

Natalie Gallo- Jersey Boys-Musical-Off Broadway-Mary Delgado
Photo by Rose Bisogno

“That’s Mary Delgado. She’ll eat you alive. They’ll send you home in an envelope.” I absolutely love this dress. It’s classy, sassy and flirty all in one. This is the first time Mary meets Frankie, and I’m pretty sure the dress is what seals the deal...or is it the kiss?

Short Shorts

Natalie Gallo- Jersey Boys-Musical-Off Broadway-short shorts
Photo by Rose Bisogno

Who wears short shorts? I wear short shorts. Doesn’t this costume remind you of tropical skittles? It’s so darn cute. I only wish I wore it for more than 25 seconds.

The Not Waitress Waitress

Natalie Gallo- Jersey Boys-Musical-Off Broadway-Waitress
Photo by Rose Bisogno

Introducing “waitress number one.” We like to call her Jenny, (not to be confused with Jenna on 47th street). One of the first to witness the magic of the group that would soon become The Four Seasons.

Brill Building Realness

Natalie Gallo- Jersey Boys-Musical-Off Broadway-brill building
Photo by Rose Bisogno

“The Brill Building, 1619 Broadway. Center of the music world.” All that’s required for this publisher look is a quick switch from my waitress apron to this beautiful red blazer.

Comfy Cocktail Hour for Mary

Natalie Gallo- Jersey Boys-Musical-Off Broadway-Mary Delgado
Photo by Rose Bisogno

I’m almost positive my grandmother has this outfit in her closet. This is Mary’s second look and my most comfortable costume. If I had it my way, I’d wear this the entire show. Drink in hand, obviously.

“Oh, What A Night”

Natalie Gallo- Jersey Boys-Musical-Off Broadway-Party Girl
Photo by Rose Bisogno

This next character is called “Party Girl”… Let’s just leave it at that, shall we?

My boyfriend’s back and beaded.

Natalie Gallo- Jersey Boys-Musical-Off Broadway-Angel
Photo by Rose Bisogno

“Hey La, Hey La!” Check out the beads on this next costume. I couldn’t tell you exactly how many are sewn onto each “Angel” dress but I will say it’s enough to weigh you down a bit.

Mary Quick Change

Natalie Gallo- Jersey Boys-Musical-Off Broadway- Mary Quick Change
Photo by Rose Bisogno

Up next: The fastest quick change in the show. I have about 9 seconds to change from my “Angel” character to Mary Delgado. Thankfully, I can start undressing onstage (shhhh, don’t tell anyone). It takes a village for this change and we haven’t missed a beat yet. Shout out to my girl squad.

The Photographer

Natalie Gallo- Jersey Boys-Musical-Off Broadway-Photographer
Photo by Rose Bisogno

Remember the purple waitress dress? Here she is again! Just add a sweater, scarf, and camera, and voila, you now have yourself a photographer. And that’s the end of Act 1, folks. PHEW!

A Sensible Intermission Lewk

Natalie Gallo- Jersey Boys-Musical-Off Broadway-Intermission
Photo by Rose Bisogno

Intermission look: A sensible black dress and black heels. I wear this for most of Act 2...praise.

Mary’s Doily Dress

Natalie Gallo- Jersey Boys-Musical-Off Broadway-Mary Delgado final
Photo by Rose Bisogno

Mary’s final look is short and sweet. All black, but the lace collar makes this dress a little more feminine. I feel like I’m wearing a doily, but I’m into it.

A “Saxy” Moment

Natalie Gallo- Jersey Boys-Musical-Off Broadway-Saxy
Photo by Rose Bisogno

Feeling pretty “saxy” in this pant outfit. All black with a touch of gold. This is honestly one of my favorite moments in the show. It’s the first time I get a good look at the audience, and at this point they’re moved to tears; clapping and singing along to “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You.” It’s pretty special.

Paging Nurse Natalie

Natalie Gallo- Jersey Boys-Musical-Off Broadway-Nurse
Photo by Rose Bisogno

Nurse Natalie at your service! A quick change back into my basic black dress. Add a lab coat, comfy sneaks and hat.

The Big Finale

Natalie Gallo- Jersey Boys-Musical-Off Broadway-Finale
Photo by Rose Bisogno

Finale: The “snowflake” dress never disappoints. Iridescent beads, sequins, and crystals are all strung together making this dress one of the most expensive ones in our show. It’s absolutely stunning and always seems to be a crowd favorite.

Don’t miss Natalie Gallo in ‘Jersey Boys’ at off-Broadway’s New World Stages.