Meet Your New Crush: Paige Faure, Broadway's New Cinderella

Last updated June 23rd, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Meet Your New Crush: Paige Faure, Broadway's New Cinderella
There’s a new princess in town and her name is Paige Faure. She’s the latest star to slip into the Stuart Weitzman glass slipper as the title character in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s lush romantic classic Cinderella. Below, BroadwayBox learns more about this lovely new monarch. (PS: how adorable is her baby Hank?!)

1. If I had a fairy godmother, I’d wish for:
More hours in the day, specifically for baking and snuggling with my little boy, Hank. And the ability to eat as much chocolate as I want and not gain weight. And a vacation to I’m getting greedy...

2. The princess I felt a kinship with growing up:
Princess Leia—I like my princesses to kick some interplanetary booty—may the force be with us all.

3. My favorite all-time Rodgers and Hammerstein song:
"Must've Done Something Good" from The Sound of Music.

4. The book that really moved me when I read it:
Anything by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I busted thru his whole catalog in about a month on tour. So rich and romantic and dark...

5. The best pair of shoes I ever owned:
My wedding shoes! They actually kinda look like glass slippers with little lilac flowers on, I gotta wear those again! Maybe for a Cinderella event—that'd be appropriate! Keep a look out!

6. The musical that sparked my passion for the arts:
The Mary Poppins film. It's my mom's favorite movie so we saw it a lot growing up, and it just filled me with so many ideas and created such a sense of wonderment within me.

7. My favorite reality TV show:
Oh gosh, I'm really sad to admit, butThe Bachelor. The hubby and I camp out with Indian food and wine and giggle like school girls at their antics. It's a mockery of love, but so entertaining!

8. If I could dance with any famous Broadway dancer from yesteryear:
Gwen Verdon, definitely. Her spirit moved her with such freedom and intensity!

9. The app I can’t live without on my phone:
I love Instagram (@paigefaure) and my daily Bible verse app...and Seamless, so I can order dinner on the train ride home and have it there as I arrive :)

10. The fanciest party I ever attended:
The opening night party for Bullets Over Broadway at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I got a wear a Vera Wang gown and rub elbows with ancient artifacts and Woody Allen. Yep. Cool.

See Paige Faure star as Cinderella in ‘Cinderella’ at the Broadway Theatre.