Seven Questions About Love & Music with Once Star Jessie Fisher

Last updated June 26th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Seven Questions About Love & Music with Once Star Jessie Fi…

Now is the time to revisit (or finally experience for the first time) Once on Broadway. The Tony, Grammy and Olivier-winning musical is in its prime right now, in big thanks to the phenomenal starring performance of newcomer Jessie Fisher as Girl. Fisher makes her Broadway debut opposite Paul Alexander Nolan's Guy, and sparks are flying and hearts are breaking. Below, we get to know the Chicago-based actress a little better.

1. For me, the song that most embodies what love is like is:
Currently? “Easy Living” sung by Billie Holiday. I very, very ,very recently got engaged so love is all fluttery and jazzy these days.

2. This song can brighten my day no matter what:
“This Will Be Our Year” by the Zombies. It reminds me how grateful I am for the truly mind blowing year I've had. Try not to bounce to it, I dare you.

3. My favorite song to lose myself playing on the piano:
“Martha” by Tom Waits if I'm playing solo. It’s so heartbreaking and beautiful. But if I'm playing with my band, “Loving Cup” by the Rolling Stones. I rock out and look like Janice from the Muppets and I'm ok with that.

Janice- Muppets- GIF

4. My desert island album would have to be:
There is this crazy album I LOVE by the Kinks called Preservation Act 2 that I've always wanted to turn into a staged rock opera. All that free time I'd have on that desert island would be a good time to get to work.

Preservation Act 2- The Kinks

5. The best advice I've come across about love:
I have a mentor/teacher/friend/angel named Guy Adkins, who was just the embodiment of love in all capacities. He passed these words on: "Your relationship is a precious stone, a diamond. You have to polish your diamond." I agree. Love takes protection, work and awe.

Diamond GIF

6. If I had 24 hours to spend in Ireland, the first thing I would do is:
Grab a Guinness, make some friends, try not to get into too much trouble.

Guinness Beer

7. The song that best captures the city of Chicago for me:
“Far Far Away” by Wilco. Best Chicago band ever. Chicago is my home and holds everything and everyone I love the most. I miss it, but New York has been awesome and so kind to me, so it's pretty cool too.

Don’t miss Jessie Fisher and Paul Alexander Nolan in ‘Once’ at Broadway’s Jacobs Theatre.