The Shows That Got Away: Who's Your Baghdaddy Creator Marshall Pailet Looks Back on Historic Off-Broadway Productions

October 7th, 2015 by

The Shows That Got Away: Who's Your Baghdaddy Creator Mar...

Theater insiders are buzzing about Marshall Pailet’s new musical Who’s Your Baghdaddy? Or How I Started The Iraq War.

Who's Your Baghdaddy- Off Broadway- Musical- Review

Photo by Jeremy Daniel

Much like he did for the off-Broadway smash Triassic Parq, Pailet wrote the music, co-wrote the book and directs this new musical comedy set within a support group for mid-level spies involved in the Iraq War.

Who's Your Baghdaddy- Off Broadway- Musical

Photo by Jeremy Daniel

As Who’s Your Baghdaddy approaches its off-Broadway opening, Pailet shares with BroadwayBox five off-Broadway shows past that he wishes he could time travel back and see live.

Little Shop of Horrors (Orpheum Theater, 1982)

Little Shop of Horrors- 1982- off Broadway- Orpheum

My favorite productions of this musical are the ones on a small scale. I wish I’d been around for the original Lower East side version—especially to see Howard Ashman’s direction. Also… I would love tactile proof that something can happen in the Orpheum Theater other than Stomp. No offense to Stomp. I love Stomp.

Hand to God (Ensemble Studio Theater, 2011)

This show slayed me on Broadway, but I wish I had seen it in it’s original Off-Broadway home, at Ensemble Studio Theater. Having that puppet spewing evil from only five feet away… apparently it was quite the experience.

Bat Boy (Union Square Theater, 2001)

I directed Bat Boy when I was a junior in college, and it made me fall in love with directing. I discovered then what is now my motto for directing comedy—the joke should exist in the dissonance between what the characters are saying and doing (ridiculous things), and how they are saying and doing those things (with the utmost truth and conviction). My dream is to someday direct Bat Boy on Broadway, although I’m not sure I could do a better job than my friend and mentor Scott Schwartz did.

The Donkey Show (Go Go Nightclub, 1999)

Donkey Show GIF- Diane Paulus

Some boys and girls want to grow up to be astronauts. Some want to be President. I want to be Diane Paulus. I wish I’d seen the show that gave her the notoriety and leverage to do what she wants to do but at a larger scale.

Triassic Parq (Soho Playhouse, 2012)

Triassic Parq- Off Broadway

Actually, I saw this one many times. Almost every performance. And all of the rehearsals.

You seriously don’t want to miss Marshall Pailet’s ‘Who’s Your Baghdaddy’ off-Broadway at The Actors’ Temple.