Goofy, Optimistic & Vulnerable: Lisa Howard Lays It All Out in Her 54 Below Set List

Last updated October 2nd, 2015 by Lisa Howard
Goofy, Optimistic & Vulnerable: Lisa Howard Lays It All Out…

Lisa Howard, the Drama Desk-nominated leading lady of Broadway’s It Shoulda Been You and the beltress who stopped the 2015 Tony Awards cold, brings that huge voice to Feinstein’s/54 Below on October 8, 9 & 10 for her solo show debut. Obviously, BroadwayBox was eager to hear what songs Howard would be knocking out the park so we asked her to give us a preview of her set list.

1. Song that I’d use as a childhood anthem:
“There's Gotta Be Something Better Than This” — I've always been ambitious!

2. Song to describe my Tony 2015 night:
“Jenny's Blues”—of course! That'll be one of the most memorable moments of my career. I definitely got me a little sumpin' sumpin that night!

3. Song to that sums up my relationship with New York City:
“Listen to the Beat” — It's sort of a love/hate relationship I have with this city and with life in the theater but it's been an adventure on and off stage and it's always worth it!

4. Song that perfectly describes how I feel about love:
"Come Rain or Come Shine"—Real love is through the good times and the bad and I think this song says it well.

5. William Finn song with the most beautiful lyric:
In my show or in general? Ha! I think his lyrics to “Anytime” are simply stunning, but I'm not doing that song in my show. LOL But I also really love Bill's lyrics to “I Have Found” which I will be singing:-)

6. Song that I’ve always dreamed on singing on a New York stage:
“Is It Really Me?” — I've always loved this song. The vulnerability and the self-discovery the character goes through is just beautiful.

7. Song that best expresses my sense of humor:
“Gorgeous” from The Apple Tree. Big, goofy fun. That's me.

8. Song that could bring me to tears on the right/wrong day:
“Stay Five” — Anything to do with my kids always brings me to tears.

9. Song I’d most love to record:
Again, I'd have to say “Stay Five”. I was written by one of my favorite composers/lyric teams Michael Shaieb and Stephen Tomac and I just love their work!

10. Song that I would use as the Lisa Howard theme song:
“I Got The Sun In The Morning” —I try to have a positive outlook on life and this song is about being grateful for what you have. Always a good idea:-)

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