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F. Michael Haynie & Victory City Super Pals Imagine Their Superhero Alter Egos

October 14th, 2015 by

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F. Michael Haynie & Victory City Super Pals Imagine Their...

Actor/composer F. Michael Haynie (the lovable featured player of Carrie, Dogfight, Peter Pan LIVE and Wicked) returns back to Feinstein’s/54 Below on Friday, October 16 in The Songs of F. Michael Haynie, and this time he and pals will preview tunes from Haynie’s first-ever musical Victory City, an original show set in a comic book world of superheroes. To prepare audiences for this super night out, BroadwayBox asked the gang to imagine (and then show us in photos!) what their own superhero personas might be like.

F. Michael Haynie Superhero Name:
F., cause isn't that mysterious enough? Or weird enough? I like the idea of next gen superheroes where it's not "(blank)Man" and "Super (Blank)", but rather Carl and Jeff. Heroes can just start to blend in with the normal folks... But I'd wear like cool leather jackets and be all intimidating and stuff. I'd be so much cooler than the nerd I actually am. (Though... It's real cool to be a nerd!)
Super Power:
Wingless flight, cause DUH! Not immortality, cause that sounds like a horrible curse where you float into nothingness for eternity when the world blows up. Not invincibility cause then some government would lock you up and forget about you and try to find what CAN hurt you. And not winged flight... cause you'd look like a weird bird—if you had actual wings that could sustain a human body's flight they'd be HUGE. So yea, I wanna just like ZOOM! Flying!

Sara Kapner

Sara Kapner

Superhero Name:
The Kapperator
Super Power:
The Kapperator can apparate whenever she pleases (if you're a muggle and don't know what this is—it's simply teleportation). She literally never takes public transit.

John-Michael Lyles Superhero Name:
Super Power:
MetroMan's mind holds the power to summon any train. MetroMan never misses his train. MetroMan never runs local. MetroMan never holds for train traffic ahead.

Drew Gasparini

Question Mark

Superhero Name:
Super Power/Persona:
I'd be two inches taller and wear bifocals. My power would be dispensing scotch tape from my fingertips. I'm very handy at scrapbooking parties. Some might say that Phil is the superhero in the scrapbooking community. If anyone saw me use my power... they'd turn to stone. That's why most people have never heard of me.

Alex Brightman Superhero Name:
The BrightMonster
Super Power:
He looks just like a human, but The BrightMonster has a special weapon...his wit. It cuts so deep that the earth will open and his victims will fall into a SAR-CHASM.

Curt Hansen Superhero Name:
Curtie Sanchez or The Kid
Super Hero Persona:
I pretty much live my life as if I was already a superhero; I look for cats to rescue, hold doors for people, and I'm always aware when someone is too close to the edge of the train platform. As a superhero, I would hopefully just be a wealthier, flying version of myself.

Joshua Boone Superhero Name:
INVY (sounds like Envy)
Super Power/Persona:
A badass for the good, using my powers of "inversion" to imaginatively or literally cause a person, place, or thing be the opposite of their present state. Calm, cool, collected most of the time (you don't want to see me angry) and I do what I want, when I want, how I want...I usually let all the other heroes handle the dirty work (or "clean" work if I so choose) and only intervene when the situation is absolutely dire. In my spare time, I like making cats behave like dogs (makes for great entertainment) and almost always use my powers to make healthy food taste like Junk food.

Andrew Kober Super VILLAIN name:
Eggs Kober Easy.
Super Power:
He lays destructo-eggs and can attack you with his "cluck of despair". He is Canada's delegate to the United Nations.

Ephie Aardema Superhero Name:
Food Hero!
Super Power:
I could fly and I'd have radar and refrigerated and frozen compartments that popped out of my costume so I could zoom all over the world saving perfectly good food before it gets thrown away. Then, I could redistribute to all the hungry people on the planet. That seems reasonable. Did you know France just became the only place in the world where grocery stores are legally obligated to donate their food to the hungry, instead of throwing it away? Go France!

See F. Michael Haynie and his super-awesome pals at Feinstein’s/54 Below on Friday, October 16.