If You Love Sophia Petrillo, You’ll Love Cicely Tyson in The Gin Game

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 If You Love Sophia Petrillo, You’ll Love Cicely Tyson in...

If you are going to The Gin Game expecting two docile seniors playing a friendly game of gin rummy on the porch of their old-age home, you are mistaken. Tony winners James Earl Jones and Cicely Tyson are feisty as hell! Mufasa is cursing up a storm and Ms. Tyson is serving you full-out Sophia Petrillo realness.

Cicely Tyson GIF- The Gin Game- James Earl Jones GIF

Let’s examine the five ways The Golden Girls fans are going to live for Cicely Tyson as Fonsia Dorsey in The Gin Game.

Fonsia and Sophia are both always rocking their respective purses.

Cicely Tyson- Gin Game- Sophia Petrillo- Purse

Photo by Joan Marcus

GG fans will recall from the season 1 episode, “Rose the Prude” that Sophia is a skilled gin rummy player who isn’t afraid to win—sometimes even crushing her opponent’s very spirit—just like our dear Fonsia.

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The Gin Game- James- Cicely- Playing Cards

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They are styled in very similar old-lady fashions.

Cicely Tyson- The Gin Game- Broadway

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Fonsia and Sophia are survivors. #OldFemalesAreStrongAsHell

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Remember the GG episode “Old Friends” from season three when Sophia makes a new friend, Alvin, and he acts really erratically but despite his strange behavior, she really tries to be a great friend? Well, it’s very Gin Game.

The Gin Game- The Golden Girls

Photo by Joan Marcus

The Gin Game runs at Broadway’s Golden Theatre through January 10, 2016.