From the Old Fashioned Couple to the Sexy Couple, What You & Bae Should See This Valentine's Day

Last updated February 12th, 2016 by Josh Ferri
From the Old Fashioned Couple to the Sexy Couple, What You …

Valentine’s Day is this weekend and you still have no plans and no gift—no biggie; we’ve got you covered. Read on and find the perfect show (all with a discount) for the kind of couple you’re in.

The Old Fashioned Couple: The King and I

Kelli O'hara- King and I GIF- Shall we dance GIF

This stunning revival is the perfect date night for those classic couples who want to feel engulfed by the romance of Valentine’s Day.

The Hilarious Couple: Mike Birbiglia's Thank God For Jokes

Mike Birbiglia's Thank God For Jokes- Discount- Tickets

Laugh until you cry at this insanely funny 90-minute stand-up that spans politics, religion, and dropping the F bomb in front of the Muppets—and you're in for a huge treat if one part of this couple is chronically late.

The Hip But Still Cool Couple: A View From the Bridge

Phoebe FoX GIF- A View from the Bridge GIF

So you’re hip enough to live off the L train but by no means identify as a hipster, check out this enthralling revival of A View From the Bridge. There’s no costumes, no sets, no props—just an amazing production and terrific acting.

The Sexy Couple: Trip of Love

Trip of Love- Off Broadway- Discount
Photo by Matthew Murphy

Sin City finds a home in NYC with this super sexy ‘60s extravaganza. Dancers wearing minimal clothing, crazy awesome sets, and the most beloved music of the 1960s make this the date night for that sexy couple—also for that stoner couple…

The Smart Couple: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Curious Incident - GIF- Broadway

Chances are though you probably already saw it when The New Yorker or The New York Times told you to.

The Fun Couple: On Your Feet!

On Your Feet- Broadway- DIscount Tickets
Photo by Matthew Murphy

Are you guys the life of the party? You’ll love this colorful, flashy musical about the Estefans, and you’ll get to dance up the aisle at the end of act one!

The Disney Couple: Finding Neverland

Melanie Moore GIf- Finding Neverland GIF

If you’ve taken a couples trip to Disney, you’ll love the magic, romance, and young-at-heart playfulness of this Peter Pan musical.

The Romantic Couple: An American in Paris

Robbie Fairchild GIF- American in Paris Ballet

If you’ve ever expressed your love in a letter or a song, check out Broadway’s most romantic musical. You’ll absolute love it.

The Couple Who Kinda Wants to Break-Up: Fun Home

Fun Home- Broadway- Discount- Tickets

Let this Tony winner get the ball rolling on a very awkward Valentine’s Day conversation… #DaysAndDays

When You’re Single AF on V-Day: Disaster

Disaster GIF- Broadway- Musical GIF

Have a few drinks and laugh at this crazy cast of characters who are definitely having a worse day than you.