Tony Yazbeck Takes On Seven Questions All About Finding Neverland & J.M. Barrie

Last updated February 11th, 2016 by Josh Ferri
Tony Yazbeck Takes On Seven Questions All About Finding Nev…

Fresh off arriving home from The Prince of Broadway in Japan, Tony nominee Tony Yazbeck has a new Broadway gig and an awesome new album. Yazbeck is the man behind Pan, J.M. Barrie, in the romantic, magical musical Finding Neverland

. BroadwayBox caught up with Yazbeck to hear about life in Neverland, his new beard, and the joy of J.M. Barrie.

1. What was it about Finding Neverland that you knew you had to do this show on Broadway?
There were many reasons...I fell in love with the heart of this character and the message this story radiates to its audiences. I have always wanted to work on a Diane Paulus production and I wanted to be a part of the magic that is happening night after night at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre.

Diane Paulus GIF- Tony Award GIF

2. What about J.M. Barrie speaks to you? How have you personalized him?
Barrie has a heart for children and believes in the healing power of play. I love how his imagination can inspire those around him. I have always loved being around children, and through song and dance, I have always enjoyed making people smile. I have tried to infuse the character with that playful joy and at the same time staying truthful to the character’s deep obsession with growing up. I love how this story speaks on faith and the power of hope it shares with inevitable mortality.

Tony Yazbeck- Finding Neverland - broadway
Photo by Carol Rosegg

3. Moment in Finding Neverland you look forward to most each night?
Observing the children jumping/flying from bed to bed in slow-motion... it gets me every time.

Finding Neverland- Kids- Flying-
Photo by Carol Rosegg

4. #1 rule of beard maintenance?
Always trim around your mouth. Absolutely no hair touching lips.

Beard GIF

5. What’s your happy thought that would get you to fly?
My whole family together (which rarely happens) on the beach in Florida this past New Year’s eve. And having an improvisational tap jam with Gregory Hines would be really cool too.

Tony Yazbeck- Gregory Hines- Tapping

6. All-time favorite Peter Pan-esque movie?
Hook (Robin Williams was perfection).

Hook GIF- Robin WIlliams

7. If you could add one song from Finding Neverland to your new live album The Floor Above Me, which would make the cut?
I definitely think “Neverland” would fit right in.

Head over to Broadway's Lunt-Fontanne Theatre to see Tony Yazbeck soar in Finding Neverland.