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Just Dreamy! Absolutely Lose Yourself in Anika Larsen's Beautiful New Album Sing You to Sleep

March 20th, 2015 by

JoshuaFerri Share
Just Dreamy! Absolutely Lose Yourself in Anika Larsen's B...

Beautiful Tony nominee Anika Larsen released her debut solo album Sing You to Sleep, a collection of songs perfect for adults and children alike, and it’s #dreamy #serene #romantic and #everything. Below, BroadwayBox reacts in animated GIF as we give the album a first listen.

1. Summertime

Anika Larsen- Summertime

This arrangement and orchestration is something.

2. Somewhere Out There

Anika Larsen - Out There

Stop it with that musical break

3. Count On Me

Anika Larsen- Count on me

Anika’s vocals are so sweet here—can’t help but smile.

4. Sleepy Man

Anika Larsen- Sleepy Man- Sing you to sleep

This song is perfection; it makes you just want to hug the closest person to you.

5. The Moon Is Made of Gold

Anika Larsen- Moon is made of gold

Just dreamy.

6. You Can Close Your Eyes (Featuring Jessie Mueller)

Joni Mitchell GIF- Anika Larsen- Jessie Mueller

Folky and gorgeous.

7. Four-Leaf Clover

Anika Larsen - Four-Leaf Clover

Yeah, you’re going to want tracks 5, 6 and 7 on your iTunes for those calm, relaxing spring/summer moments.

8. Al Otro Lado Del Rio (Featuring Jessie Mueller)

Anika Larsen- Al Otro

I’m getting bubble bath, candles…total serenity.

9. Fields of Gold

Anika Larsen- Field of Gold

10. Baby Mine

Anika Larsen- baby Mine

11. Annie’s Song

Aladdin GIF- Anika LArsen

Yas! Anika’s voice and this arrangement are just everything. Let it engulf you.

12. Make You Feel My Love

Anika Larsen- Sing You to Sleep

Overall, this is great. The first few tracks are more upbeat and jazzy but track 4-12 you want to own for whenever you just need to relax or feel peaceful or take a beautifully underscored nap.

Check out 'Sing You to Sleep' on iTunes, Amazon or Spotify, and see this album come to life in concert at Birdland Jazz Club on Monday, March 23 at 7 PM, featuring her Beautiful co-stars Jessie Mueller and Jarrod Spector.