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Introduce Yourself(ie)

Introduce Your Self(ie): 10 Questions with Les Miserables' New Eponine, Brennyn Lark

March 23rd, 2015 by

Introduce Your Self(ie): 10 Questions with Les Miserables...

Brennyn Lark is breaking hearts and giving you major goosebumps as Broadway’s newest Eponine in our Show of the Month, Les Miserables. It’s a Main Stem debut for the beautiful, young actress, and below, she shares with BroadwayBox some romantic advice for Eponine, the last piece of art that brought her to tears and the long list of reality show faves.

1. The first time I remember hearing the song “On My Own:”
It had to have been around my middle school days, somewhere around 12. One of my good friends to this day, sang it in a school talent show!

2. If I could give Eponine one piece of relationship advice, I’d say:
Girl, don't chase him, let him come to you. If he's not the one, the right person will come along...what's meant to be will be!

3. Eponine takes a bullet for Marius; the craziest thing I did for someone I loved was:
I wish I had some crazy outlandish response to this. But I think just silly things, like dropping plans to bring copious amounts of sugary, unhealthy, snacks to my best friends house after a bad breakup :(

4. The album I wore out growing up:
Everything Christina Aguilera...her title album, and then the Stripped album, and even her Christmas album My Kind of Christmas. I'm still stuck on these!

5. My guilty pleasure reality show is:
I actually have a lot—haha...Mob Wives, The Real Housewives (all of them), Total Divas, The Braxton Family Values. And I don't feel guilty in the slightest!

6. Eponine is pretty badass; the most badass thing about me is:
I'm a very intuitive person. I pick up on others’ energy pretty well, which has definitely helped when it comes to making decisions and who I surround myself with.

7. If I were to sum up the night of my Broadway debut in three words it would be:
"grateful" "humbling" "emotional."

8. Film I love so much I know every single word:

9. My ideal slice of pizza would have:
Extra cheese!!!!! And pepperoni.

10. Les Miz is a big cry fest; the last show or movie to make me cry was:
Most recently, I saw the movie Selma and that definitely brought out some emotional turbulence and water works. I can be a crybaby at times!!!!

See Brennyn Lark make her Broadway debut in the iconic role of Eponine in ‘Les Miserables’ at the Imperial Theatre.