Jessie J Takes on Love, NYC & Showtunes: It's All In the Set List with Tal Yardeni

Last updated February 19th, 2015 by Tal Yardeni
Jessie J Takes on Love, NYC & Showtunes: It's All In the Se…

After slaying 54 Below audiences with her Florence and the Machine cover concert, big-voiced talent Tal Yardeni returns to the NY hotspot with some friends for a Jessie J-centric show on February 24.

But let’s be real: if you are like us, you’re more acquainted with the Hedwig cast recording than you are with Jessie J’s music catalogue; so below, Tal is giving you the introduction you need to Jessie J’s music while also introducing herself and giving a sneak peek at the set list for the exciting concert event.

1. If someone’s iTunes is 90% showtunes, what should their intro song to Jessie J be?
"Who You Are." I love my show tunes and I feel this song has such great depth to it and really showcases vocally what makes a Jessie J song so special. In fact I feel like you could take this song and put it in a new pop/rock musical.

2. Song that encapsulates growing up in Florida:
I would definitely say "Domino." We are giving it a very South Florida feel with our rendition and it's a reminder of my childhood. Growing up in Key West was filled with lots of Cuban culture. We are going in that direction with the number.

3. Jessie J song I’d love to hear Florence and the Machine cover:
"Sweet Talker." She would find a way to make it really dark and unusual. How can we make this happen?!!

4. Song that sums up my relationship with New York City:
"Nobody's Perfect" much as I love this city and believe me I do—nobody likes a NY brunch more than myself—in this industry especially we are always trying to be these little perfect creatures and it's absurd and will never exist and it can really tear you down. So this song definitely speaks to that aspect of my relationship with NY. But I'm cheating a little because there's another song that really speaks to my relationship with NY and that's "Masterpiece." That's really the other side of the coin because it talks about still wanting to achieve your dreams and to continue on despite the setbacks that may occur. Right on Jessie J!

5. Song I’d use to describe love:
"Laserlight" for sure! It's actually a big dance in the club type song, but we are doing a stripped version so you can really hear the lyrics. It's a goodie.

6. Pair any iconic Broadway diva with a Jessie J song you’d like to hear her sing and why:
Ahhhh I'm loving these questions!! Shoshana Bean would slay on this music. Her rendition of "Big White Room" would be oh so yummy to hear!! She's got amazing riffs as does Jessie J so this music is right up her alley!

7. Song I’d use to describe Israel:
Hmmmm I would have to say "Bang Bang." Israel, specifically Tel-Aviv is such a sexy environment, the people are beautiful and the atmosphere is gorgeous so I feel a song that is super sexy like that is the vibe that I get when I'm there.

8. Song to describe a typical Saturday night:
"Burnin Up!" That song is just the perfect song to get you in the mood for a night on the town...or ya know a night on the couch with Netflix...whatever works haha.

9. Song I’d perform at a command performance for Jessie J:
I would love to do my rendition of "Price Tag" for her because it's so different than the original but still totally honors her music. Jessie J, if you are out there...come on down to 54 Below on February 24th. If you have a night off...

10. Song I’d use as my personal theme song:
She's got a few but the one that sticks out to me is "Ain't Been Done." I aim to be a human being who likes to live life in the most authentic way possible and the song screams that! So yes "Ain't Been Done" is my anthem!

See Tal Yardeni & Friends sing Jessie J at 54 Below on February 24 at 9:30.