A Snapshot of My Life Today: Tony Winner Paulo Szot

Last updated February 24th, 2015 by Paulo Szot
A Snapshot of My Life Today: Tony Winner Paulo Szot

Tony Award-winning Broadway heartthrob and international opera star Paulo Szot returns to 54 Below with a brand new show celebrating the 100th birthday of Frank Sinatra and Old Blue Eyes’ 1967 & 1969 collaboration with Brazilian singer/songwriter Tom Jobim. Read on as we gather a snapshot of what Szot’s life is like today in 10 questions.

My favorite part of performing this solo show:
Doing Brazilian music.

Before I step onstage to perform, I typically:
The lyrics of my first song.

After a solo performance, I like to:
I need to eat something right now.

The background of my cell phone:
Me and my partner.

Where do I keep my Tony Award?
At home in Brazil. It’s hidden. I don’t show it for everybody.

My current NYC obsession is:
Central Park. I love it there.

The album I can’t stop listening to:
Sinatra and Jobim—the album that I’m doing here at 54!

A book I really want to find the time to read this year:
That’s a tough one. I want to read the whole Don Quixote by Cervantes, which is huge.

TV show I am so into right now:
Modern Family.

The highlight of my day typically includes:
I love breakfast. I just wake up wanting to have that first sip of coffee. That makes my whole day better, waking up and knowing coffee is coming soon. I don’t know. Brazilians are so addicted to coffee. That’s what makes me want to get up from the bed.

See Paulo Szot's new show at 54 Below February 24-28.