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#FlashbackFriday: Tony Speeches, Production Photos & Showstoppers from A Delicate Balance’s Glenn Close

February 20th, 2015 by

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#FlashbackFriday: Tony Speeches, Production Photos & Show...

This is your final weekend to see three-time Tony winner Glenn Close star as passive aggressive WASP Agnes in Edward Albee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning family drama A Delicate Balance. That means run, don’t walk to the Golden Theatre to see the revival that we thought was one of the best shows in 2014. Below, BroadwayBox looks back on Close’s Broadway career from her debut in 1974 to A Delicate Balance.

Love for Love, 1974

The Rules of the Game, 1974

The Member of the Wedding, 1975

Rex, 1976

Rex- Clenn Close

Close played Princess Mary in the musical 'Rex'

The Crucifier of Blood, 1978

Glenn Close -The Crucifier of Blood'

She then starred as Irene St. Claire in the Sherlock Holmes play 'The Crucifier of Blood'

Glenn Close -The Crucifier of Blood- Broadway

Barnum, 1980

Glenn Close- Barnum- Broadway

Glenn Close- Barnum- Broadway

Photo by Martha Swope on

The big breakout and first Tony nomination came in 1980 when she appeared as Chairy Barnum in 'Barnum'

Glenn Close- Barnum- Broadway

Photo by Martha Swope on

The Real Thing, 1984—Close's first Tony win

Glenn Close- The Real Thing- Broadway

Her next Broadway show brought Tony Glory. A win in 1984 for her performance as Annie in Tom Stoppard's Tony-winning Best Play 'The Real Thing.'

Glenn Close- The Real Thing- Broadway

Benefactors, 1985

Glenn Close- Benefactors

Death and the Maiden, 1992

Glenn Close- Death and the Maiden- broadway

The second Tony win came in 1992 when Close won Best Actress for the three-person play 'Death and the Maiden'

Sunset Boulevard, 1994

The Play That I Wrote, 2003

A Delicate Balance, 2014

A Delicate Balance- Glenn Close

Photo by Bridgette Lacombe

Glenn Close as Agnes in 'A Delicate Balance'

A Delicate Balance- Glenn Close- John Lithgow

Photo by Bridgette Lacombe

Glenn Close as Agnes and John Lithgow as Tobias in 'A Delicate Balance'

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