It Shoulda Been You Stars Confess The Fictional Weddings That Actually Made Them Cry

Last updated March 5th, 2015 by Josh Ferri
It Shoulda Been You Stars Confess The Fictional Weddings Th…

This is your save the date and official invite to the wedding of the Broadway season, It Shoulda Been You. Emmy and Tony winner David Hyde Pierce directs an all-star cast in this clever, fast-paced musical romp about two families coming together for a wedding and the many twists and turns that are in store before anyone says ‘I do.’

Performances begin at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre on March 17, but before it becomes all about something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, BroadwayBox headed to a lovely soiree at the Pronovias Bridal Boutique to catch up with the cast. And we said to them: Weddings, even fictional ones, are emotional affairs; so we want to know, was there a fictional wedding (film, TV, theatre) that actually brought you to tears?

Sierra Boggess (Rebecca, The Bride)

It Shoulda Been You- Sierra Boggess
Photo by Bruce Glikas

The wedding in Friends. When Ross and Emily were getting married and he called out Rachel’s name—it made me cry. He couldn't help it because that is who he truly loves. That's why you have to marry the person who you actually, truly want to be with and not who you feel like you should be with.

David Burtka (Brian, The Groom)

It Shoulda Been You-  David Burtka
Photo by Bruce Glikas

It really is a tie. The two things that came into my head are two weddings from musicals. “One Hand, One Heart” in West Side Story, when they are by themselves in the wedding shop and they reenact getting married, it’s one of the most beautiful moments ever created. It’s so forbidden to them but so important as well. I’m getting chills just thinking about it. And the other one is Fiddler on the Roof. That moment under the chuppah and the lyrics of “Sunrise, Sunset” really sum up what a wedding is, especially from the parents’ view. It's a beautiful moment and then they break the glass and it’s this crazy party.

Harriet Harris (Georgette, Mother of the Groom)

It Shoulda Been You- Harriet Harris
Photo by Bruce Glikas

Very little brings me to tears, really. Maybe if Bambi got married. Did Bambi get married? If Babar and Bambi got together, I would be a puddle.

Tyne Daly (Judy, Mother of the Bride)

It Shoulda Been You-  Tyne Daly
Photo by Bruce Glikas

It’s probably Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

Lisa Howard (Jenny, Co-Maid of Honor)

It Shoulda Been You-  Lisa Howard
Photo by Bruce Glikas

Typically at any wedding I always get teary, no matter who it is. But fictional? Edward and Bella in Twilight...duh.

Montego Glover (Annie, Co-Maid of Honor)

It Shoulda Been You- Montego Glover
Photo by Bruce Glikas

This is so ridiculous but totally true: one of my favorite films is My Best Friend’s Wedding, and when they get married at the end it’s so sweet. All the insanity that comes with loving somebody and getting married to somebody works itself out in the best possible way. It’s so good; I still cry.

Chip Zien (Murray, Father of the Bride)

It Shoulda Been You- Chip Zien
Photo by Bruce Glikas

Weddings? I don’t know. I can do bar mitzvahs. Well, Fiddler on the Roof always made me cry during “Sunrise, Sunset.” It’s such a cliché.

Michael X. Martin (George, Father of the Groom)

It Shoulda Been You-  Michael X Martin
Photo by Bruce Glikas

Miss Havisham, because it never happened. It makes me emotional because any wedding—like the one we’re doing in It Shoulda Been You or ones I’ve been to or, at the top of the list, my very own to my lovely wife Shauna Hicks—is so special, and she never got to see it through and she never got to move on from it. And here we are having a blast.

Nick Spangler (Greg, The Best Man)

It Shoulda Been You- Nick Spangler
Photo by Bruce Glikas

I’m going to go with a proposal. In Love Actually, one of my favorite romantic movies of all time, the proposal that Colin Firth does. He learns Portuguese to propose to this girl, he goes there, her entire village is surrounding them and she’s up on a balcony and he does this half-assed Portuguese proposal; and it's so endearing. Then you figure out that his soon-to-be-fiancé has learned English to say yes to him. It’s just absolutely awesome and I definitely teared up.

Edward Hibbert (Albert, The Wedding Planner)

It Shoulda Been You- Edward Hibbert
Photo by Bruce Glikas

I think the wedding of Maria and Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of Music is just the definitive romance. It’s got that wonderful orchestration, all those darling nuns singing away and then there they are together. It’s beautiful. I just did the show at the Lyric Opera last season, and the wedding scene was like something out of Versailles.

Anne L. Nathan (Aunt Shelia)

It Shoulda Been You- Anne L. Nathan
Photo by Bruce Glikas

I’m not a wedding girl, but I’m going with The Godfather. I just love that movie.

Adam Heller (Uncle Morty)

It Shoulda Been You- Adam Heller
Photo by Bruce Glikas

Father of the Bride, Spencer Tracy. Come on! It’s a classic. You can’t get better than Spencer Tracy. I just find anything that he is in always has this base level of humanity.

Josh Grisetti (Marty, The Bride’s Ex)

It Shoulda Been You- Josh Grisetti
Photo by Bruce Glikas

I don't think I’ve ever cried at a wedding scene, nor at a wedding ceremony. I’m not a happy crier; I save it for funerals.

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