A Definitive Ranking of All 43 Glee Songs Finding Neverland's Matthew Morrison Performed

Last updated March 6th, 2015 by Josh Ferri
A Definitive Ranking of All 43 Glee Songs Finding Neverland…

Tony, Emmy and Golden Globe nominee Matthew Morrison returns to Broadway as Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie in the exciting new musical Finding Neverland. It’s Morrison’s first show since 2008’s Tony winner South Pacific, which is understandable since he’s been busy the last six years starring as Will Schuester on the FOX hit Glee. In anticipation of Morrison’s Broadway return in Neverland, BroadwayBox is ranking all of his 43 musical performances throughout Glee.

43. Nice To Meet You, Have I Slept With You? (Season 2)

Sorry Cheno and Matty Fresh, this is a one-night-stand we’d like to forget.

42. Break Free (Season 6)

41. The Thong Song (Season 1)

This isn’t about Morrison or his performance. This more about the actual song and wedding dress combo. But gosh, can he bust a move.

40. Dreams (Season 2)

Come on, this is more a Chenoweth song than a Morrison one.

39. Alone (Season 1)

Likewise, so is this.

38. You May Be Right (Season 5)

Sometimes Sue has a point.

37. Like a Virgin (Season 1)

You can always count on him to stand out in a group number, even with this many people.

36. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer (Season 2)

35. What The World Needs Now (Season 6)

Aw, the originals! But not enough Matt.

34. I Love LA (Season 5)

33. A Little Less Conversation (Season 3)

Bonus points for the costume and the fact that he’s singing in two different languages.

32. Endless Love (Season 1)

The voice-overs are getting in the way of these vocals, though his moments are really funny.

31. Tell Me Something Good (Season 1)

Morrison sounds good, and if there was clear video of the all the hip/booty shaking, this would higher on the list.

30. Sway (Season 2)

He’s such a crooner, so this is great when he does it live; but as far as Glee numbers, he was a little background.

29. Kiss (Season 2)

This tango is serving Moulin Rouge meets Prince, but he’s barely singing.

28. NYC (Season 5)

Another Will/Sue moment that would have such a crazy high placement if there was video…It’s from Annie after all.

27. Bust A Move (Season 1)

26. Ice Ice Baby (Season 1)

They sure had him rap a lot on season 1, eh?

25. Raise Your Glass (Season 5)

24. Blurred Lines (Season 5)

This is a fun number, if we get over the fact that Will is singing this in school with a bunch of his students.

23. In Your Eyes (Season 4)

Cheesy but in the best way possible.

22. Same Love (Season 6)

This is a Glee trademark: bringing acceptance and awareness to the forefront.

21. Fire (Season 1)

Now this is a Cheno duet we can get behind. And that Starlight Express/Xanadu choreography...

20. I Wanna Sex You Up (Season 1)

Wildly inappropriate for a teacher to sing at a school function? Absolutely! Still sexy as hell? Damn right.

19. Fix You (Season 3)

18. Cheek to Cheek (Season 5)

This is an amazing Glee number, some classic Fred and Ginger.

17. You and I/You and I (Season 3)

Idina and Matt Morrison are teaching the children how a mash-up is done.

16. Gold Digger (Season 1)

Him and Amber Riley are just so full-out here.

15. Dream On (Season 1)

Gosh, Morrison sounds AMAZING, but it lacks something to break into the top 10.

14. The Scientist (Season 4)

13. Night Fever (Season 3)

Does Matt Morrison want to be in Falsettos? Damn!

12. Leaving On a Jet Plane (Season 1)

His voice has the right touch on this song. And bonus points for accompanying himself.

11. One Less Bell to Answer/A House Is Not a Home (Season 1)

Gosh, Chenoweth and Morrison sound like a dream. How emotional. Really beautiful. Gold stars all around.

10. Danny’s Song (Season 5)

No disrespect to the rapping, but damn, he sounds just so beautiful on these folky, guitar songs.

9. Bye Bye Bye/I Want It That Way (Season 4)

Matt Morrison serving us JT, complete with the 'Bye, Bye, Bye' marionettes but even better choreography. It’s a win.

8. Over the Rainbow (Season 1)

The Uke. The song. His vocals. *Snaps!*

7. Don’t Stand So Close To Me/Young Girl (Season 1)

He sounds great and there's lots of acting moments. No wonder both ladies are swooning.

6. Forever Young (Season 3)

Top notch Glee right there.

5. Don’t Stop Believin’ (Season 5)

I was so mad at myself for crying when this aired…and then again today.

4. Make ‘Em Laugh (Season 2)

This number is fantastic. What a lovely nod/recreation to a classic moment in movie-musical history and a perfect showcase for Morrison & Harry Shum Jr.

3. Singin’ in the Rain/Umbrella (Season 2)

2. Still Got Tonight (Season 2)

Such an amazing number. He's alone in a Broadway house and those great vocals…it's so good this crappy video had to be used.

1. You’re All the World For Me (Season 4)

Sorry for the video, but the visuals are such a big part of why this #1. They are dancing on ceilings and walls, people!

See Matthew Morrison live in 'Finding Neverland' at Broadway's Lunt-Fontanne Theatre beginning March 15.