If You Can Quote Clue, Villain: DeBlanks Is the Show For You

Last updated March 6th, 2015 by BroadwayBox Staff
If You Can Quote Clue, Villain: DeBlanks Is the Show For You

The 1985 film adaptation of the board game Clue is a cult film of the highest order. It’s absolutely beloved by fans, and clever devotees can manage to shoehorn classic quotes into nearly any conversation.

Clue- Madeline Kahn- Gif- Mrs. White

Clue- mrs. Peacock GIF

Clue- Madeline Kahn- Gif- Mrs. White

Clue- miss Scarlett Gif- lesley ann warren

If You Can Quote <i>Clue</I>, <i>Villain: DeBlanks</I> Is the Show For You

Yeah, obviously Broadway’s Madeline Kahn was a big highlight of the film. So, if you love Clue like we love Clue, it’s worth checking out Villain: DeBlanks, a monthly show at the Laurie Beechman Theatre that combines Clue and Mad Libs.

Villain: DeBlanks- Billy Mitchell

Philip DeBlanks is dead, and one of the hooligans onstage did it. But who?. Now this is the best part, the suspects are made up of dynamic Broadway personalities like Olivier winner Lesli Margherita (total Miss Scarlet), Nancy Opel and Klea Blackhurst (both very Mrs. Peacock), Ben Fankhauser (he has that sweet Mr. Green energy), Lauren Molina (obvi. Yvette) and Tony winner Cady Huffman (who has to be serving some Mrs. White moments, right?). Note: They aren’t actually acting out Clue or playing these characters, so don’t go there thinking you’re going to hear Lesli Margherita say:

Clue- miss Scarlett Gif

So why not have a little murder mystery mad libs fun? Because here’s the kicker, 10% of each show’s proceeds go to charities like ASPCA and Wednesday’s Child. The March 9 show stars Blackhurst, Fankhauser, Huffman, Bobby Cronin, Peter Filichia and Leslie McDonel. The April 6 performance has Margherita, Molina, Opel, Nick Cearley,
 Bernard Dotson and Jim Newman.

Clue- Mrs. White- Mrs Peacock- GIF