Introduce Yourself(ie): All My Sons Star Hampton Fluker Talks Making His Broadway Debut in the Tony-Nominated Revival and Shakespearean Dreams & Mishaps

Last updated May 13th, 2019 by Hampton Fluker
Introduce Yourself(ie):  All My Sons Star Hampton Fluker Ta…

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Hampton Fluker makes a fantastic Broadway debut as George Deever, the young lawyer determined to exonerate his father, in Roundabout Theatre Company's Tony-nominated revival of Arthur Miller's classic All My Sons

. When Hampton arrives in Act II, his scenes with Francesca Carpanini and Tony nominees Ben Walker and Annette Bening are some of the finest in the show.

1. What was it about this production of All My Sons and the role of George that you knew this was the project to make your Broadway debut?
I knew it’d be a great learning experience and really challenging. I really wanted to be a part of this ensemble and around these enormously talented people. It’s a dream come true to be able to start out this way.

2. Who was your first call when you found out that you’d make your Broadway debut in this revival?
My wife, Amber, and then my mom. Classic.

3. How is Broadway different than what you anticipated or imagined?
I really didn’t have any preconceived ideas about Broadway. Honestly, it was just cool to be back on stage.

4. George arrives at the Kellers' house enraged. How do you get yourself there each night? What is important for you to remember in those first moments?
I have the whole first act to chill out and breathe and refocus on the story. It’s a real gift. I tend to meditate, it sounds corny, but it helps me keep myself consistent no matter what kind of day I’ve had. It helps me a lot. I also always look forward to having a lot of fun out there telling this story with my cast mates. It feels new every night.

5. How do you access the emotional vulnerability and the tears needed for George later in that scene?
Arthur Miller is so good! Honestly, I really just say the words and because he’s written these characters so specifically, if you let yourself really tell the story and commit to the circumstances the rest just kind of happens. I’m also a really sensitive dude, always have been… My dog would tell you if she spoke English, she’s seen me cry during just about every nature documentary I’ve ever seen.

6. For three seasons, you played Detective Marcus Tufo on NBC's police drama Shades of Blue. What’s your favorite onset memory from Shades of Blue?
Dance battling between takes with my boy, Dayo Okeniyi. Pretty epic!

7. Tell us a memorable audition story.
I went in for Romeo & Juliet, one of my first auditions in New York out of college, and my sides literally got blown away in the wind! I found myself trying to ad lib Shakespeare, it didn’t go too well but I definitely laugh at it now.

8. When you were studying theatre at Boston University, what was the role you dreamed of playing onstage someday, somewhere?
Othello. I would love to do that one day!

9. What’s your ideal day off like?
Me, my wife, Amber, my dog, and a great movie.

Don't miss Hampton Fluker as George Deever in the Tony-nominated revival of 'All My Sons' at Broadway's American Airlines Theatre through June 30.

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