It's a Tony Nominee Overload with BroadwayBox’s Block Party May

Last updated May 4th, 2015 by BroadwayBox Staff
It's a Tony Nominee Overload with BroadwayBox’s Block Party…

Ok, stick with me a moment. Remember in the ‘90s when Nick-at-Nite programming was the absolute best because they did Block Party Summer all summer long? It was so simple because you always knew depending on the day of the week what you were getting from them. #GoodTimes

Well, we are shamelessly stealing the fun of that idea for this Tony season and doing Block Party May on BroadwayBox. Each day is a different theme: Monday’s is about people making their Broadway debut, Tuesdays is reserved for the leading ladies of Broadway, Wednesday the leading men get their moment, Thursday is about the featured players everyone can’t stop talking about and Friday is dedicated to our Show of the Month, It Shoulda Been You.

BroadwayBox- 2015 Tony Nominees

So get excited because this is happening