Five Burning Questions with Chicago's Grammy-Winning Headliner, Brandy Norwood

Last updated April 29th, 2015 by Josh Ferri
Five Burning Questions with Chicago's Grammy-Winning Headli…

The long-running Broadway hit Chicago is sizzling hot again thanks to its new leading lady, Brandy Norwood. The Grammy-winning recording artist (#NotYoursButMine) and actress (Moesha, Cinderella) makes her Broadway debut as Roxie Hart, and she is SLAYING it. Just listen to how fantastic her vocals are on “Roxie” (starts at 1:30).

Below, BroadwayBox chats with Norwood about her favorite Cinderella memory, her dressing-room must-haves and her signature dance move offstage.

1. What’s something you have to have in your Broadway dressing room?
Oh you know what I need in my dressing room? Grether's throat lozenges. I’m addicted to those things. I need throat coat tea, Mānuka honey and some Smart water—I love some Smart water.

2. How would you describe your Roxie Hart in just a hashtag?
#Foxy. She’s foxy.

3. You’re dancing so much in Chicago; what’s Brandy’s signature dance move in real life?
I have a two-step. My two-step is all I do. I have to be choreographed in order to look like I can dance; so if I’m not choreographed, my two-step is all it’s going to be.

4. What do you admire most about Roxie Hart?
What I admire most about Roxie is that she’s so colorful. She’s playful; she’s feisty; she’s giddy; and she’s a dreamer. Roxie wants to be a star and she’s going to be a star.

5. Finally, what’s your favorite memory from Cinderella?
My favorite memory is singing “Impossible” in the studio with Whitney Houston. It was so fun in there because I was trying to tell her what to do and she was trying to tell me what to do, and I just felt like she was my big sister and I love her so much. And what’s so beautiful is when I was showing my daughter some of the videos of my [Chicago] rehearsals, she looks over to me—and in the sweetest moment—says, “Mom, you know what? Whitney would be so proud of you.”

Check out Brandy Norwood as Roxie Hart in 'Chicago' at Broadway's Ambassador Theatre through June 21.