10 Mob Movie Moments Dinner with the Boys’ Dan Lauria Will Never Forget

Last updated April 24th, 2015 by Dan Lauria
10 Mob Movie Moments Dinner with the Boys’ Dan Lauria Will …

Dan Lauria, beloved by a generation for his role as Jack Arnold on The Wonder Years and seen recently by Broadway audiences in Lombardi and A Christmas Story, returns to the New York stage as star and playwright of the new mob comedy Dinner with the Boys.

Co-starring Ray Abruzzo from The Sopranos and Donnie Brasco’s Richard Zavaglia, the show is about two New Jersey wise guys on the outs whose fate depends on a perfect puttanesca.

Dinner with the Boys- Dan Lauria- Ray Abruzzo- Richard Zavaglia
Photo by Joan Marcus

In the spirit of great works about organized crime, Lauria shares with BroadwayBox 10 moments from mob movies that he’ll never forget.

1. Richard Widmark throwing Mildred Dunnock down the stairs in a wheel chair.

2. Kirk Douglas killing Luther Adler in The Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood- Kirk Douglas- Luther Adler- Death

3. “Leave the gun, take the cannoli”: The Godfather.

4. Edward G. Robinson trying to shoot Douglas Fairbanks Jr. in Little Caesar.

Little Caesar- Edward G Robinson- Shooting

5. "On Top of The World Ma" Cagney in White Heat.

6. Cagney's death scene in Angles with Dirty Faces.

7. Cagney raping Doris Day in Love Me Or Leave Me.

James Cagney- Doris Day- Love Me or Leave Me-

8. Pacino shooting Sterling Hayden in The Godfather.

9. Bogart & Eddy G in Key Largo when Bogart tells Eddy G that what he really wants is; "MORE."

Bogart- Eddy G- Key Largo

10. Bogart telling off the DA in Maltese Falcon.

Enjoy a meal with Dan Lauria and the gang in ‘Dinner with the Boys’ at off-Broadway’s Acorn Theater at Theater Row.