Enid Graham Reveals 10 Things Fans May Not Know About Life Backstage at The Curious Incident of Dog in the Night-Time

Last updated December 8th, 2015 by Enid Graham
Enid Graham Reveals 10 Things Fans May Not Know About Life …

Now in its second smash year, the Tony and Olivier Award-winning The Curious Incident of Dog in the Night-Time still brings the heat to NYC winter. BroadwayBox enlisted the aid of Tony nominated stage and screen star (and OBCer) Enid Graham, who stars as Christopher's absent mother in the hit drama, to tell us 10 backstage secrets fans might not know.

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1. Nightly hug fest


With a show this demanding, it’s great to touch base with everyone before you start.

2. Group warm-up in lower lobby

Backstage at Curious Incident- Broadway
Photo by Instagram.com/curiousbroadway

In forty-five minutes, the room will be filled with patrons sipping cocktails, now it’s covered in yoga mats and planking actors.

3. Daily extensive lift and movement call

Lift call - Astroboy!!! It's much more impressive with lights and sound. Photo cred: @daringdukes

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Every day we practice our movement—for most of us straight-play actors, the lifting and choreography we do in the show will be the closest we'll ever get to a musical! Watch out, An American in Paris!

4. Junk food buffet

Junk Food Buffett

Often there is a delightful/frightening display of junk food in the green room. One day we had: sweets brought back from London, donut holes, home-made cookies, jar of jelly beans, Halloween candy basket, and apple pie! Thank goodness for all the planks! (see #2 above).

5. Rat’s dressing room

Enid demonstrates her signature rat call.

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The difference here from other shows I’ve been in is this is a real rat! ☺

6. A million matching white cube boxes

The setting up of the great miniature train line to London begins.... @knucklesandwich @curiousbroadway #curiousincident

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They look alike, but each has a different function. Don’t try to guess where they go, only the experts know!

7. Hat Olympics

Richard and David- Curious Incident
Richard Hollis & David Manis with Tyler Lea in 'Curious Incident'
Photo by Joan Marcus

Our wonderful and energetic cast members Richard and David make putting on a hat during quick-change fun. Dora—our glamorous dresser—has an incredible arm for the hat toss.

8. The train set of your dreams

Train- Curious Incident GIF-

If you ever loved building trains on your living room floor, then this set is a fantasy come true. Of course you’d need a space as huge as the lovely Barrymore stage!

9. Fake English rain

Raining GIF

Richard feels he is back in his home-town as he gets drenched every night.

10. Brando’s banana

Brando Barrymore Theatre

A petrified banana left backstage by the Master himself to fuel his “Stella!” entrance back when A Streetcar Named Desire premiered at the Barrymore. At least this is what we choose to believe. ☺

Now that you know all their secrets, get yourself over to the Barrymore Theatre to take in the splendid, award-winning drama 'The Curious Incident of Dog in the Night-Time'.