Meet the Magician: The Illusionists' Dan Sperry

Last updated December 3rd, 2015 by Dan Sperry
Meet the Magician: The Illusionists' Dan Sperry

The international hit magic spectacular The Illusionists is back on Broadway for the holiday season with an all-new show at the Neil Simon Theatre, and returning to entertain and shock audiences is The Anti-Conjuror, Dan Sperry.

BroadwayBox continues its weekly Meet the Magician series as we get to know Dan Sperry.

1. The first trick or illusion I ever learned was:
I don't really recall what specifically it was...I got this magic kit when I was young that had several things in it. Being a typical boy, I never opened the instructions and just kind of made up the tricks as best I could by trying to assume what these little plastic things did. There was one that I liked that was a small little box that you could put a coin like a nickel or a dime in and then you close it up and when you opened it again it was gone. I loved showing this to friends and family and then lying about how I didn't know how to do the second part yet to make it come back. Most of them would humor me and go along with it and I thought I was so clever and had conned them out of their small change.

Coin Trick

2. The moment I knew I wanted to pursue this professionally was:
I actually never really had that one "moment". I never did the school talent show and blew everybody's minds and then got picked up and marched around on my classmates' shoulders like in the movie Rudy or whatever. Magic and I just kind of found each other and grew into this cohabit dysfunctional relationship that really works well together.

Rudy GIF

3. Greatest thing about being part of The Illusionists’ Band of Brothers:
The touring. I love getting to travel and perform for different people in different parts of not just the USA but even the world. Trying food and especially the coffee. Hanging out and meeting locals and hearing their stories, etc. It’s really cool.

Coffee GIF

4. My favorite film, TV show or play about a magician is:
I don't really watch those kinds of things. But I do like Dance Moms and Ancient Aliens.

TV shows

5. My favorite city in the world to perform in:
That's a tough one. I can think of so many that are all basically tied...but what I can tell you is the city that has surprised me the most: Tampa. I loved Tampa and the audiences were crazy and good. They also have a big Goth and Rock scene which can be a big surprise to people but I fit right in. Me and Tampa got along just fine.


6. One thing I always have with me when I travel:
I always travel with one extra suitcase that is just filled with random junk...things like new magic tricks, books, some DVDs, magazines, my Kindle Paperwhite (I read a lot—especially on tour), an iPad, iPod, and several cables so I can plug all kinds of stuff into the TVs in my room or backstage, glue gun, tape, markers, Post-It pads...all sorts of random stuff like that.

Travel must haves

7. Person who inspires me professionally:
Walt Disney.

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Be prepared to be wowed by Dan Sperry and the other fantastic Illusionists at Broadway's Neil Simon Theatre through January 3, 2016.