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Time to Get Excited About Broadway’s Escape to Margaritaville!

Last updated January 12th, 2018 by Josh Ferri
Time to Get Excited About Broadway’s Escape to Margaritavil…

As New York temperatures tease spring in the dead of winter, it’s the perfect time to lose yourself in sand, drinks, and Jimmy Buffett music. The new jukebox musical Escape To Margaritaville

begins performances at the Marquis Theatre on February 16, and we’re gearing up for some desert island mayhem with these awesome video teasers from the show.

Jimmy Buffett & Paul Alexander Nolan Duet on “Margaritaville”

If Paul Nolan’s isn’t one of your favorite male voices on Broadway right now, it’s simply ‘cause you’re not paying enough attention. I’m hyped to see this show just to get 2 hours of the “Canadian cutie” singing lead.

The Cast Reacts As Each Finds Out They Are Heading to Broadway

Rema Webb is always a treasure, so any video that starts with her is all good. These reactions are just priceless! Such a fun, creative montage. Bravo to Justin Keats and his use of the Legally Blonde OCR.

Go BTS of the Musical’s Sitzprobe

I love this video most because it really paints a full picture of the score and how this show is going to sound.

Lift Your Marg to the Official Musical Montage

Now that you heard the score, see the sights. This brief montage gives a feel for what we’ll see at the Marquis.

Paul Nolan Gets The Star Treatment from Vanity Fair

This one is really more just ambiance and shirtless PaN, but like sure.

Find Out What the Rehearsal Process Is Like

Go inside the rehearsal room with Margaritaville as they prepare to bring this show from the road to New York City.

Pre-Show Prep and Rituals of the Company Revealed

This fast, fun feature brings you backstage as the company prepares for a performance.

NOLA Trades Bourbon for Margaritas

Get a look at life on the road with an out-of-town musical as they hear from the cast and creative team.

Lin-Manuel Miranda & J. Buff Perform the Title Song

The unabashed theatre nerd and theatrical genius behind Hamilton and In the Heights looks like he’s having a blast doing the coolest curtain karaoke imaginable. It’s a nice welcome to the neighborhood since Lin and Jimmy’s musicals are next door on 46th Street.

Join the party as Escape to Margaritaville begins performances February 16 at the Marquis Theatre, and subscribe to their YouTube channel for more content like this.