Can We Take a Minute to Obsess Over That New The Ferryman TV Spot?!

Last updated February 20th, 2019 by Josh Ferri

Jez Butterworth’s seven-time Olivier Award-winning drama The Ferryman

welcomes a new crop of stars, including beloved Tony nominee Brian d'Arcy James, Tony winner Shuler Hensley, and rising stage star Jack DiFalco. This new cast has the New York theatre crowd buzzing with excitement, and now—thanks to a beautiful and brilliant new ad from SpotCo—the rest of the world is taking notice. The thrilling new TV spot offers a first look at the new company as they deliver some chilling dialogue from the play. Whether you’ve seen The Ferryman several times already or whether you’ve yet to make it over to the Jacobs Theatre, this video is sure to peak your interest in Broadway’s must-see new play The Ferryman.