Birthday Girl Bea Arthur & More TV Faves Sing DREAMGIRLS

Last updated May 13th, 2020 by BroadwayBox Staff
Birthday Girl Bea Arthur & More TV Faves Sing DREAMGIRLS

May 13th marks the birth of one of Broadway and television's greatest - Miss Beatrice Arthur.

One of our favorite Golden Girls would have celebrated her 98th birthday today. Our plan was to put together a video roundup of her fantastic stage and film performances. Along the way - we came across this video and all bets were off.

Let's unpack this together. Bea Arthur singing a song from the hot new musical Dreamgirls with her NBC co-stars in 1986.

Why - you may ask? The performance was part of the NBC 60th Anniversary Celebration. Four years and some change following Dreamgirls opening on Broadway, NBC used the musical's song "Family" for a mid-tempo group number featuring its beloved family televsion stars.

Barbara Eden (I Dream Of Jeannie) gives a big hug to one of our Broadway greats, Nell Carter who was starring on Gimme A Break. Nell is doing some light flower arranging. The baton then get passed to Charlotte Rae who it looks like is bringing some passed apps to the buffet table. Please note the fellow walking down the stairs during the transition. The reveal of who this is is amazing in a few minutes.

Our birthday queen arrives after doing some monochromatic shopping to match the stark white set. Beatrice is doing absolutely nothing with dinner prep, her gift is her song.

Nell then tells Marla Gibbs (of 227) to "get outta here!" so Marla can lend her fabulous vocals to the tune. Now - who is this? Ah yes - Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air - Alfonso Ribeiro of Silver Spoons. Yes riff!

What happens next we can only describe as committed silent face acting. With a jacket assist from Nell, Punky Brewster's Soleil Moon Frye might have been like "I can't sing." The writers' decision? Inner monologue it!

What we are trying to say is - happy birthday Bea. You are so beloved.