Act One Finales: 9 Amazing "Morning Glow" Covers

Last updated May 11th, 2020 by BroadwayBox Staff
Act One Finales: 9 Amazing "Morning Glow" Covers

Photo by Joan Marcus

We love a big Broadway Act One Finale and it's time to spiral with our marvelous "Act One Finales" series here at BroadwayBox! You might find performances from productions, your favorite cabaret venue, benefits, you name it! We want to celebrate those incredible numbers that leave you breathlesssly wanting more right before the intermission lights come up.

We've got a magical one for you!

Act One Finale: "Morning Glow" from Pippin, by Stephen Schwartz

In Pippin, our title character, after falling into his step-mother's evil plans, has killed his father, the King. Pippin is now King. By the way, so are the amazing option-ups on the word "here" in the song's final chorus by the amazing singers of this song.

Matthew James Thomas

3:51 - see what we told you? Brilliant.

William Katt

Original Bob Fosse realness. Love the tone of Katt's voice.

Michael Arden and Tyrone Giordano

A thrilling Deaf West production with two incredible Pippins. Arden's final few notes... hold onto your hats.

Aaron Tveit

Vocals. For. Days. Friends - at 2:30 he sings up the octave and we maybe rewound it two or three times to listen again.

Jonathan Groff

The In My Life dance captain is pure sunshine.

Josh Kaufman

Pure vocal goodness. "The Voice" winner joined the Broadway revival company for a beautiful Broadway debut in the title role.

Michael Lee Brown

We get two amazing songs! The Dear Evan Hansen star mashed the Pippin tune with "For Forever."

Gabe Violett

We love the groove of this cover. There are delicious riffs throughout but one of our faves is at 1:23.

Henry Platt

Courtesy of the Harvard Westlake Choir, another Platt has a gorgeous voice in the family!