Anastasia Star Christy Altomare Holds the Key to Our Heart as a New Kind of Carrie Bradshaw

Last updated June 30th, 2017 by Jenny Anderson & Josh Ferri
Anastasia Star Christy Altomare Holds the Key to Our Heart …

Photographer Jenny Anderson and the incredible stylists Kayla Foster of TriStyle & Julianna Alabado team up with BroadwayBox to present a new photo series in which the breakout stars from Broadway's spring season serve up a modern take on some iconic New York film characters. This week, Anastasia

leading lady Christy Altomare doesn't need Moscow or Paris because she's the ultimate New York City it girl—Sex and the City heroine Carrie Bradshaw.

Christy's New York

What was your first New York City apartment like?
I lived on the Lower East side with two roommates. I had an air mattress bed. It was infested with roaches and was the size of a closet. I only lived there for three months over the summer. I wanted to see what New York was like and have the experience of living in the city for a summer in between my junior and senior year of college to see if I liked it. I was a hostess at a restaurant and I catered, and I lived in a closet.

What was the first Broadway show you saw?
The first Broadway show I saw was Cats and Liz Callaway [singing voice of Anastasia in the film] was Grizabella.

What’s your New York City happy place?
My New York happy place is my room, honestly. But if we are talking New York, New York, I have this one spot in Central Park where I like to go and sit and watch the dogs. It’s so peaceful and beautiful.

When you were growing up in Bucks County, PA, what film or TV show did you watch where you thought, “That’s life in New York!”?
I used to love watching Sex and the City growing up. I think I was a Carrie—If I was anyone, I was a Carrie. In high school, I was so boy crazy and I was obsessed with love and relationships. I love that she’s with Big, but I was all for Aidan.

Where do you go for the best Greek food in the city?
I honestly don’t know because my mom’s Greek food is the best Greek food! I go home for Greek food so I’ve yet to have the best Greek food in the city, but everyone tells me to get up to Astoria to their favorite spots.

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