Drag Race & Drag Me Down the Aisle Star Alexis Michelle Shares Five Essential Judy Garland Videos In Honor of Her New Judy Tribute Show

Last updated September 4th, 2019 by Alexis Michelle
Drag Race & Drag Me Down the Aisle Star Alexis Michelle Sha…

Photo by James Avance

This DragCon weekend, Renée isn’t the only Judy in town. Alexis Michelle returns to Club Cumming on September 6 to serve us a major Judy Garland moment in Alexis Michelle Sings Judy Garland

Alexis Michelle Sings Judy Garlad Club Cumming

The star of TLC’s hit Drag Me Down the Aisle, Alexis is a former Ru girl, having come in fifth on season nine of RuPaul’s Drag Race. She memorably won the season’s Snatch Game with her performance as Judy’s EGOT-winning daughter Liza Minnelli.

In anticipation of Alexis’ Judy tribute show, she shares with BroadwayBox five(ish) Judy Garland video she considers essential viewing.

“Get Happy”, Summer Stock

This is iconic Judy at her most glamorous and in top form, even if she was at the height of professional and personal demons. Interestingly, this scene was filmed roughly six months after production had begun on Summer Stock, largely because of Judy’s difficulties with pill addiction. You’ll notice the significant weight she dropped by the time they filmed this scene as opposed to the rest of the film, after pressure from MGM.

“As Long As He Needs Me”, The Judy Garland Show

One of my favorite songs she performed on The Judy Garland Show! Here, she bares her soul simply standing, leaning on a trunk, and it’s all the “choreography” this moment needed.

“The Man That Got Away”, A Star Is Born

Her daughters described this film and performance as, “the Oscar that got away.” Her performance and voice were in top form in A Star Is Born. Interesting that Judy played this role in a remake, after Janet Gaynor, and followed by future remakes with Barbra Streisand and, most recently, Lady Gaga. 

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, The Wizard of Oz

What started my love affair with Judy. This song was nearly cut from the film. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE?!

“Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy”, The Judy Garland Show

A moment in showbiz history that I find hugely fascinating. I refer to this as the passing of the baton...from the greatest, to the new greatest. Judy was one of the biggest stars in the world and arguably the most popular singer. Just about two years later, Barbra catapulted to international stardom and would take over this unofficial title from Judy. You can see it and feel it. Judy was nervous. But still glorious. And together with Barbra gave us the gay duet we will treasure forever. 

BONUS VIDEO: “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”, Meet Me in St. Louis

From Meet Me in St. Louis, which Liza described as her father’s gift to her mother. She was so beautiful and each shot of Judy in the film is a work of art. Her performance of this song gets me every time. You just might hear this song at my upcoming holiday show at Feinstein’s/54 Below running November and December ;-)

Don’t miss ‘Alexis Michelle Sings Judy Garland’ at Club Cumming on September 6 or her holiday show at Feinstein's/54 Below.