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A Video Game Inspired Musical? Damn Right! Enter the World of John Tartaglia's Claudio Quest

July 10th, 2015 by

A Video Game Inspired Musical? Damn Right! Enter the Worl...

You know how people always say if you grew up on PBS' Sesame Street, you have to see Avenue Q; well now they'll say if you loved playing the Nintendo Mario games as a kid, you have to make a date with the new adult musical Claudio Quest, one of the big highlights of the New York Musical Theater Festival. And how's this for a twist? John Tartaglia, the Tony-nominated star of Avenue Q, is the director of Claudio Quest, and below he gives BroadwayBox a sneak peek at some of the awesome puppets that populate this hysterical, jaw-dropping gamer musical.

The amazing and hilarious Katie Lee Hill sports one of Bruisers (our "Bad Guy" who happens to be a fire breathing misunderstood platypus) Annagodus—the evil demented vegetables that do his bidding and attack out heroes. However—they have no idea they're evil. This one's name is Rachel. Just because.

John Tartaglia- Claudio Quest-  Tiffany Mann- Alex Goley

Tiffany Mann and Alex Goley as citizens of Eggplant Kingdom. Claudio (Player 1) and his Little Bro, Luis (Player 2) are in charge of protecting these kind-hearted belting eggplants!

John Tartaglia- Claudio Quest-  CJ Eldred- Max Chernin

Claudio (CJ Eldred) and Max Chernin (as Kevin the Turtle). Red turtles can walk back and forth as they please but green turtles, like the ill-fated Kevin, can only walk in one direction, oftentimes falling into a bottomless pit to their death....and no, no one knows why. Shhhh—he doesn't know.

John Tartaglia- Claudio Quest- Abby Hart- Tiffany Mann- Andre Jordan

Abby Hart, Tiffany Mann and Andre Jordan as backup singing piranha plants that live in warp tubes. They'll bite ya, but they sing a mean three part harmony and their lip stick is fierce. They also say: Come see Claudio Quest!

See a video game adventure come to life in 'Claudio Quest' at the Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre at the Pershing Square Signature Theatre through July 14.