July 15 Is Jackie Washington Day! We're Celebrating with a Sickening Amount of Jenifer Lewis Videos

July 15th, 2015 by

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July 15 Is Jackie Washington Day! We're Celebrating with ...

Every July 15 is Jackie Washington Day—now we are going real cult classic, so keep up. Jackie Washington is a fictional R&B diva played by the one and only Jenifer Lewis in the starry 1999 Lifetime mockumentary Jackie’s Back. Just check out this insanely amazing trailer (every frame has one celeb or another).

So as the story goes, beginning in 1984, every July the 15th was considered Jackie Washington Day, a day to honor the diva in her hometown.

You can find the whole movie online ::Cough::YouTube::Cough:: and you should because Jenifer Lewis is a treasure.

So this Jackie Washington Day we celebrate with eight videos of Ms. Jenifer Lewis doing what she does best.

A Hairspray moment for your nerves.

From one of the most magical nights 54 Below ever, ever saw. #PleaseComeBack

It's true, moms multi-task best gossiping on the phone.

The IMDB credits are endless but I’m always living for the classic moments in Sister Act, Beaches & What’s Love Got to Do with It.

And it doesn’t get better than her and Drag Race fave Shangela trying to go viral.