The Stars of A Bronx Tale Reveal Their Versions of “The Car Door Test”

Last updated November 30th, 2016 by Josh Ferri
The Stars of A Bronx Tale Reveal Their Versions of “The Car…

The new musical adaptation of A Bronx Tale is electrifying Broadway audiences at the Longacre Theatre. Growing up with the film, one scene that has always stuck with me was “the car door test” where Sonny explains to Calogero how you can tell if the person you’re with is worth your time, attention, and affection.

So when BBox caught up with the stars of the show, I asked them, what is your version of “the car door test”?

Bobby Cante Thorton (Calogero)

Bobby Cante Thorton GiF- A Bronx Tale GIF- Nick Cordero GIF

If they are instinctively judgmental. If they are talking poorly about someone I don’t even know, I’m immediately turned off. Why aren’t just joyous in extending love naturally? As long as you can be real but not mean-spirited then we can go down a path. But really New York needs to find a door test for the subway since no one drives. Maybe something like if you stand in front of the door so it doesn’t close on them?

Nick Cordero (Sonny)

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Ya know, I just listen a lot. If you listen and watch—watch what people do as opposed to what they say, in time they will reveal themselves.

Ariana DeBose (Jane)

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The quickest red flag for me is if you cancel a date…or multiple times. ‘Cause you make the first gesture; you cancel once, I get it. You cancel twice….ehh. The third time, you’re out of here. Flakes need not apply.

Richard H. Blake (Lorenzo)

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Well growing up in New York City, I didn’t really have a whole lot of access to driving or a car so for me it was just about finding a way to get someone to trust you or know you can trust someone. Really, I was just lucky to get a date as a kid. If I got someone to say yes, they passed the test.

Lucia Giannetta (Rosina)

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A sense of humor. An enormous sense of humor and a little bit edgy—a little sarcastically funny. That’s my husband to be honest. He’s the first one to look at me and go, “really?” So that’s a big test for me. And honesty. You have to be true to your word. That’s a big Italian thing I guess.

Bradley Gibson (Tyrone)

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My test is communication. One big thing: if you call me on the phone. If you give me a phone call and not a text, that’s a big deal. Especially in 2016, everyone is texting all day, but if you call me on the phone, that is a game-changer.

See the whole gang in 'A Bronx Tale' at Broadway's Longacre Theatre.