4 Forever! Ultimate "Waving Through A Window" Collection Of All The Broadway Evan Hansens For 4th Anniversary

Last updated December 4th, 2020 by BroadwayBox Staff
4 Forever! Ultimate "Waving Through A Window" Collection Of…

Photo by Matthew Murphy

The Tony, Grammy and Emmy award winning musical Dear Evan Hansen opened on Broadway four (...forever) years ago tonight!

The musical chronicling the life of high schooler Evan Hansen was written by playwright Steven Levenson, composed by Benj Pasek & Justin Paul and directed by Michael Greif. When you think of signature songs for a character in the musical theatre canon, Pasek and Paul's "Waving Through A Window" for the title character of Evan is top of mind.

The forthcoming film adaptation will be starring the musical's original award-winning Evan, Ben Platt. In addition to Ben, the Broadway company has seen a superstar talented roster of young performers who have stepped into Evan's striped blue polo. We've collected clips of nearly all the Evan Hansens & understudies with available videos performing this iconic song in honor of the show's opening night anniversary.

Stephen Christopher Anthony

Roman Banks

Andrew Barth Feldman

Michael Lee Brown

Jordan Fisher

Noah Galvin

Zachary Noah Piser

Ben Platt

Sam Primack

Ben Levi Ross

Colton Ryan

Josh Strobl

Taylor Trensch

Not technically a performance but it's an official video with the song underscroring it!