Meet Your New Crush From Netflix's The Prom Nico Greetham As He Shares Secrets From His Epic YouTube Videos

Last updated December 8th, 2020 by BroadwayBox Staff
Meet Your New Crush From Netflix's The Prom Nico Greetham A…

Photo by Sarah McCreanor

Meryl Streep, James Corden, Nicole Kidman, Andrew Rannells, Kerry Washington and Nico Greetham!

In a few days, get ready to meet your new crush Nico Greetham! Nico portrays Nick Boomer in Netflix's upcoming Ryan Murphy directed film adaptation of the beloved Broadway musical The Prom, where four Broadway stars make it their mission in a small town Indiana community to support a high school girl who wants to bring her girlfriend to the prom.

Nico is a highly accomplished dancer who made his Broadway debut in Disney's Newsies as Darcy/Jojo and successfully made top 5 male finalist on season 10 of Fox's So You Think You Can Dance. You might also have met him as television series lead Calvin/Yellow Power Ranger in Nickelodeon's "Power Rangers Ninja Steel." Nico also appeared on the small screen in "Into the Dark", "NCIS", "The Thundermans", "Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris", "Glee" and "General Hospital."

2020 has been a big year for Nico! In addition to The Prom, check him out in three other recently released films Adam Rehmeier's Dinner in America, Nina May's First Lady, and Jonathan Wysocki's Dramarama.

Ahead of the exciting The Prom Netflix release, Nico shared secrets from six of his fantastic performance clips.

The Prom Trailer

The day The Prom Trailer dropped felt like Christmas day. Of course, you never know what is going to make it in the movie vs what ends up on the cutting room floor, but I had no idea a trailer would also be just as exciting/nerve-racking! After seeing it for the first 15 times and dissecting each shot with the internal dialogue like "Oh my gosh they used that shot!" "Ahh, Nicole Kidman looks AMAZING." "Is this real, is that MY face in this trailer?!" I was on cloud 900. I think they did a wonderful job of getting the audience excited for the joy that is The Prom!

So You Think You Can Dance Audition

Growing up, being on So You Think You Can Dance was my ultimate dream. The goal was not necessarily 'making it' onto the show and it most certainly was not winning, mainly it was the opportunity to audition. Similar to The Prom trailer and the unknown of 'what will make the cut', there's no way of knowing if your audition will air during your city's episode. My mom had organized a watch party with some of my highschool friends the night that it MIGHT air. Biting my nails and in full anticipation, there it was - MY audition on the tv! My dream had fully come true; and of course, the real star of my audition? My mom. She rode that wave for weeks... as she should have! She looked absolutely beautiful. For the remainder of my SYTYCD experience, my mom's quote "Papi!" was used multiple times a day haha!

Super Ninja Steel - Calvin and Hayley's Date

Oh man. Seeing this brings back memories! We were so young! It's fun to watch this because we've all stayed good friends since the experience. I live with Caleb Bendit (Monty) and just came back from a barbecue at Chris Reid's house (Victor). I remember on the day, poor Chris had to constantly be in wet attire for continuity and repeatedly had pizza sauce thrown all over him; which was a common thing for his character being the comedic relief with all the gags. He was shivering in between takes, but a trooper he was indeed! And let’s not forget Caleb's reaction shots because I deal with that on the daily haha!

"You're The One That I Want" with Courtney Thurston

Ahh! The night before this performance, the owner of the convention told us he wanted us to perform and we had 12 hours to put this piece together! The competition days really bring it back. This video is a good portrayal of what my life consisted of between the ages of 12 - 17. Traveling every weekend to different cities and competing with Courtney was my entire highschool existence and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Courtney was my number one confidant, in fact, we call each other twins because we share the same birthday (date and year) and are only an hour apart (I’m older)! I stand by the statement that she is one of the most talented and passionate dancers of our time!

The Roomies Vlog

Oh. Dear. Lord. After the So You Think You Can Dance Tour us four besties, Alan Bersten, Malece Miller, Makenzie Dustman, and myself all moved in together in Studio City, LA. Our house was like a SYTYCD fraternity house, and we loved every second of it. One day we decided to make a YouTube channel called The Roomies in which we would post a weekly video of challenges, games, and gags. In this video specifically, Alan and I tested our knowledge about each other's personal lives and would punish each other's wrong answers with food to the face (or body). In the video, I pour a can of black beans down Alan's body, and when we finished up and showered off our disgusting bodies, his black beans clogged his shower and it took weeks for the building to fix the drainage... oops haha!

Newsies Closing Night on Broadway

Tears… Just tears. I'll never forget this night (and thank you to the fan who risked it all by filming this). Picture this, 18 year old me moves from VA to LA after SYTYCD to pursue my hopes and dreams. I booked NEWSIES and had to start immediately, effectively moving from LA to NYC. Five months later, we receive notice that the show will close and I need to decide to either stick it out in the Big Apple or head back to LA where I had just started to get my feet wet. My time on Broadway is one that I will always cherish. To do a show 8 times a week with the same focus and energy takes a special type of human, and I’m honored to be part of that! I am looking forward to the days when Broadway will be open again so we can all share in the unique experience of Live Art!