10 Natural Reactions to Watching Heather Headley Sing The Witch In Into the Woods

Last updated July 23rd, 2015 by Josh Ferri
10 Natural Reactions to Watching Heather Headley Sing The W…

St. Louis has never looked more appealing than it does right now, and it’s all because of Into the Woods at The Muny. It’s a stellar cast of B’way all-stars but the big moment to fan-girl-out over is Heather Headley as The Witch.

Into the Woods- The Muny- Heather Headley- Rob McClure
Photo by Phillip Hamer

It’s Headley’s first starring role in an American musical since she won a Tony Award for Aida back in 2000.

Heather Headley- GIF- Into the Woods- Last Midnight- The Witch

So when b-roll of the production dropped yesterday you can bet B’way devotees were all over it.

Here are 10 natural reactions to hearing Heather Headley sing Sondheim’s The Witch (also watch the whole thing because everyone is doing great work here).

So first we get Heather’s “Stay with Me”. (1:15)

Snape GIF- My Body Is Ready

Then she sings the phrase “…world, it’s true” and it’s all like:

Heather Headley GIF- Into the Woods

Next comes “Princes, yes, but wolves and humans too” and you’re like, “Wait, is wolves my new favorite word?”

Favorite word gif- heaven - god

And suddenly it’s 1:42 and we are doing this:

heather headley gif- lauren hill

Ms. Headley makes her next appearance at 3:22 and it’s a taste of “Last Midnight”.

Heather headley- last midnight- gif

Diva can turn a phrase. #TonyWinningTalents

Rupaul- sickening gif

It’s a brief glimpse but the whole time you’re holding your breath like:

Bambi gIf- hold your breath

Then playtime is over, it’s now 5:15 in the video and you’ll never hear “Children Will Listen” like this again.

Not Ready GIF

There’s six seconds where she sings “For which way to turn, to learn what to be” and it’s all:

Oprah GIF

SNL GIF- Oprah

SNL GIF- Oprah- Amy Poehler

It all ends with that final "listen", and though the instinct is to immediately rewind and start again, you do have a moment of:

Heather Headley GIF- Singing

Into the Woods runs at The Muny through July 27...so bike, train, plane, whatever you have to do.