It Shoulda Been You Groom Aaron C. Finley Talks Weddings, Singing with Sierra & Advice from Tyne

Last updated July 23rd, 2015 by Aaron C. Finley
It Shoulda Been You Groom Aaron C. Finley Talks Weddings, S…

For his second leading role on Broadway, Aaron C. Finley gets to marry Sierrra Boggess, crack jokes with Tony winner Harriet Harris (his drunk mom) and go head-to-head with Tony winner Tyne Daly (his formidable mother-in-law)—pretty sweet gig, huh? Finley recently assumed the role of Brian, the groom, in the musical comedy It Shoulda Been You

, and we're chatting with the Rock of Ages alum about weddings, these fabulous co-stars and more.

1. My favorite movie about a wedding:
My Best Friend's Wedding, easy. Julia Roberts in her prime proving that men and women are incapable of being just friends.

My Best Friend's Wedding- GIF

2. Musical theatre duet I would love to sing with my ISBY bride Sierra Boggess:
I want to sing every duet ever written with Sierra. Her voice is unreal. I'll even pretend to be her Josh Groban for my imaginary rock version of "The Prayer."

3. LGBT love story that makes me go “aw”:
I just found out that two friends of mine are going to be dads!! I'm a dad and it fills me to the absolute brim with freaking excitement to see them experience the mind-blowing transformation that is fatherhood and the joy of raising a family! They are gonna be amazing parents!

Modern Family- GIF- Cam and Mitch- Lily

4. Rock of Ages song that also works as a wedding song:
"High Enough"... because every song is a wedding song in Rock Of Ages, that one just happens to be the highest!

5. If Brian got a big 11 o’clock “Jenny’s Blues” number, what would it be called:
"Brian's Lament". Focused solely on his lack of properly colored chinos and boat shoes.

Brian- It Shoulda Been You

6. ISBY cast member that would be most fun as a plus one at a wedding:
There are actually several... but if I don't pick my dressing roommate Josh Grisetti, I'm killing my career before it has even begun.
PS: The real answer would be Harriet Harris. She is my favorite and she happens to play my mom.

Harriet Harris- GIF - It Shoulda Been You

7. Best piece of advice I’ve received about stepping into the show mid-run:
The incomparable Tyne Daly came by my dressing room one night early on and simply said, "Let's put on a play... remember to listen and play well with others." Words to live by on stage and off. It's still sinking in that I get to play with this beautiful group of actors. Blessed.

It Shoulda Been You GIF- Harriet Harris GIF- Tyne Daly GIF

You only have until August 9 to see Aaron C. Finley star as Brian in 'It Shoulda Been You' at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre.