Top 10 Ultimate YouTube Ranking of Chaplin's "All Falls Down" With Some Singing For The Ages!

Last updated September 10th, 2020 by BroadwayBox Staff
Top 10 Ultimate YouTube Ranking of Chaplin's  "All Falls Do…

Photo by Joan Marcus

Eight years ago in 2012, the musical Chaplin arrived on Broadway at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre starring the captivating Rob McClure.

The musical, with a score by Christopher Curtis (who also penned the book with the legendary writer Thomas Meehan), also bestowed us with an Act 2 11 o'clock number for the ages. Hollywood gossip columnist Hedda Hopper takes center stage to confront the film legend with the showstopper "All Falls Down."

In honor of the show's opening night anniversary, we are counting down our top 10 versions (and the headlines their perfs deserve!) of Hedda Hopper's marvelous number delivered by phenomenal performers. Buckle up for some out of this world singing!

10. Chiara Miller

"Magical Musical Theatre Moment With Fierce Miller"

9. Stephanie Heim

"Sophisticated and Confident Eleganza From Terrifically Tough Columnist"

8. Lyndsey Boyer

"Charm And Class From Big-Voiced Jazzy Act Two Showstopper"

7. Gabi Campo

"Remarkable Riff-Filled Fantasia On Hedda's Chaplin Number"

6. Laura Lydia Paruzynski

"All The Applause From Funny Girl On High Belting Tune"

5. Yna Tresvalles

"Powerhouse Wows The Crowd With Superstar Vocals And Comedy"

4. Talia Suskauer

"Old Fashioned Fabulous Flair From Songstress Calm, Cool and Chill"

3. Samantha O'Donnell

"Astonishing Acting Choices For Days with an Outstanding Optioned Up Final Riff!"

2. Reneé Rapp

"Dazzlingly Thrilling Performance From Jimmy Award Winner Turned Queen Bee of North Shore"

1. Jenn Colella

"The Original Broadway Hedda Hopper Shows Audiences How It's Done. Impeccable!"