The Five Best Broadway Cameos From Hulu's Difficult People

Last updated September 2nd, 2015 by Josh Ferri
The Five Best Broadway Cameos From Hulu's Difficult People

Broadway fans should totally check out the new Hulu comedy Difficult People. First off, it's seriously funny, and, more importantly, each episode is jam-packed with Broadway guest stars.

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The series stars Billy Eichner (who if you follow his Twitter clearly loves theatre) and Julie Klausner (a full-out fan of all things B'way who you may have even seen onstage at Joe's Pub) as two New Yorkers hoping to break into comedy.

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That's all the set-up you need to know. New episodes air every Wednesday on Hulu, and it's already been renewed for season two. Now onto our favorite IBDB-carrying cameos so far from the first season of Difficult People.

5. John Benjamin Hickey

John Benjamin Hickey GIF- Difficult People GIF

The Normal Heart Tony winner appears in episode three as Fred, a handsome dentist who dates Billy. But like all handsome men, he has a tragic flaw. #Participator

4. Tracee Chimo

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The Bbox favorite brings the LOLz as poor, unfortunate Gabby, a PBS executive. The character is just a total Tracee Chimo creation in all the best ways possible. You’ll see her big moments in episodes one and three.

3. Derrick Baskin

Derrick Baskin GIF- Difficult People GIF

Baskin is featured as Billy’s co-worker (and father figure?) Nate. The Memphis alum really shines in episode two where he teaches Billy to drive. Baskin can currently be seen off-Broadway in Whorl Inside a Loop.

2. Jackie Hoffman

Jackie Hoffman GIF- Difficult People GIF

Episode four has such a wonderful On the Town story arc, so it’s perfect that OTT’s own scene-stealer, scenery-chewer Jackie Hoffman has a memorable moment as Billy’s sister-in-law (and Fred Armisen’s wife) Rachel Epstein. It’s the classic Jackie that you know, love and follow on Twitter.

1. Andrea Martin

Andrea Martin GIF- Difficult People GIF

The Pippin Tony winner is practically in every episode serving up some of the series’ biggest laughs as Julie’s judgmental mother Dr. Marilyn Kessler. The constant shade about Julie’s boyfriend’s alleged drinking problem is the best.

Check out new episodes of ‘Difficult People’ every Wednesday on Hulu.