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The Ultimate YouTube Ranking

The Definitive “Maybe This Time” YouTube Countdown

December 19th, 2014 by

JoshuaFerri Share
The Definitive “Maybe This Time” YouTube Countdown

Emma Stone is making a positively amazing Broadway debut as Sally Bowles in Cabaret, and one of the highlights of her performance is what she does with “Maybe This Time.” It’s hopeful and heartbreaking and just everything that song needs to be; then she goes into this other voice for the final verse and I had to grip onto the arm rests as not to slide to the floor of Studio 54.

Emma Stone - Cabaret

Photo by Joan Marcus

Emma Stone as Sally Bowles in 'Cabaret'

So inspired by Stone, BroadwayBox trolled YouTube far and wide to come up with 13 videos of actresses (and one crooner) singing the powerful Kander & Ebb tune [note some of your favorites might not be here because Broadway/West End bootlegs were disqualified—official videos only]. Scroll on as we countdown from “acceptable” to middle-of-the-office standing ovation.

13. Vera Farmiga on Bates Motel

This acapella “Maybe This Time” is very affecting, but it doesn’t pack the same punch as some of the singers later on the list.

12. Shirley Bassey

Vocally, we were expecting more from Dame Shirley. Those last notes were crazy good though, and she gets extra points for the gown.

11. Tony Bennett

The sole male on this list, Tony Bennett’s “Maybe This Time” sounds exactly as you’d expect Tony Bennett’s “Maybe This Time” to be arranged and sound. Highlight: 1:52-2:03.

10. Susan Egan

Broadway’s original Belle shows a lot of restraint and is giving a full-out performance.

9. Melanie C

It’s the only non-live entry on the list—the song appears on her album Stages—but she does a truly terrific job with the tune.

8. Kristin Chenoweth at the NewNowNext Awards

The beginning is perfection…but she loses us a bit with all the flair at the end. Highlight: 1:40-1:50.

7. Unknown Performer

Can’t find this performer’s name but she had to be included on the list. Looks like she performed in a Best of Broadway concert at the College of Central Florida, and the song sits so beautifully in her voice. Highlight: 2:11-2:51.

6. Orfeh

Even though we can’t see her, we can certainly hear her and the vocals are pretty magical. Highlight: 1:33-1:54. Then again 2:03-2:2:13.

5. Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews brings her Oscar-winning talents to “Maybe This Time” and the only thing we can say is: in a world where Liza didn’t play Sally, Julie should have.

4. Lea Michele

This is so good Jessica Lange would stop on a red carpet and listen. (PS: I’d pay to see her Sally Bowles.)

3. Audra McDonald

Good God, Audra. Even on mute this is one of the best-acted versions, but when you add in those vocals…

2. Ruthie Henshall

This British gem nails it—from the little tilt of her head after “I’ll be lucky” to the gusty belting at the end. Just in a puddle on the floor, wiping tears and licking hand sanitizer for the alcohol content. Highlight: 2:17-3:11.

1. Liza Minnelli

Anyone else as number one would have just been disrespectful. #TheOscarWinningMaybeThisTime