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Meet Your New Crush: The Illusionists' Futurist Adam Trent

December 22nd, 2014 by

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Meet Your New Crush: The Illusionists' Futurist Adam Trent

Making his Broadway debut, Adam Trent brings magic to the next level (and the next decade) as The Futurist, a technology illusions specialist, in the jaw-dropping show The Illusionists. Trent is one of seven world famous artists leaving audiences in awe over at the Marquis Theatre, and his act is this awesome amalgamation of classic technique, dance, comedy and technology (what he does with a L.E.D. screen just brings joy). BroadwayBox caught up with the charming young talent to talk magician movies, boy bands and Trent’s own future.

1. The first trick/illusion I ever learned was:
How to jam the coin slot at the arcade so I could get free plays. First magic trick was a simple card trick that fooled my mom. Her reaction made me want to learn more.

2. My favorite film, TV show or play about a magician:
The Prestige.

3. Something I’m dying to do while I’m here in New York:
Have a crazy house party. Haven't had one of those in far too long...

4. One thing I really want to see in my future is:
Family and kids.

5. Favorite Back to the Future character:

6. My favorite city in the world that I’ve performed in:
Probably Sydney. I got to perform at the Sydney Opera House, which was amazing.

7. One thing I have to have with me with I travel is:
Headache medicine...

8. Most embarrassing track on my iTunes:
My whole iTunes is pretty embarrassing...I unapologetically have every Backstreet Boys album, though the song “As Long As You Love Me” is especially amazing.

9. A book that really rocked my world:
I read Sophie's World when I was younger and it certainly did.

10. My go-to movie to laugh and my go-to movie to cry:
Dumb and Dumber, The Notebook. In that order, not the other way around :)

Make sure your future includes a visit to Broadway’s Marquis Theatre to see Adam Trent in ‘The Illusionists.’