What If Rob Marshall Made His Follies Film Using Only Actors He’s Worked With Before?

Last updated December 18th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
What If Rob Marshall Made His Follies Film Using Only Actor…

Oscar nominated director Rob Marshall is the man behind the movie musicals Chicago, Nine, TV’s Annie and the upcoming Into the Woods. He recently told Broadway.com in an interview that he would love to direct Stephen Sondheim and James Goldman’s Follies on screen next...and then we died. Then after being resuscitated, the thought occurred, what if he cast Follies only using actors he’s already worked with? (Hello, Baranski and Depp each have appeared in several films of his.) So throw on your 2011 cast recording and let’s do this.

Phyllis Rogers Stone: Catherine Zeta-Jones // Young Phyllis: Sarah Hyland

Phyllis- Follies
Oscar winner CZJ is a no-brainer, but bet you didn’t remember ‘Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland played Molly in that made-for-TV ‘Annie.’

Ben Stone: Richard Gere // Young Ben: Billy Magnussen

Ben- Follies

Sally Durant Plummer: Renee Zellweger // Young Sally: Anna Kendrick

Sally- Follies

Buddy Plummer: John C. Reilly // Young Buddy: James Corden

Buddy- Follies
Ok, so we clearly just repurposed the four ‘Chicago’ stars and paired them with ‘Into the Woods’ stars but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Carlotta Campion: Meryl Streep // Young Carlotta: Kate Hudson

Carlotta- Follies
#Oscar #ShesStillHere

Heidi Schiller: Judi Dench // Young Heidi: Kristin Chenoweth

Heidi- Follies
Though let’s be honest; this is totally the number that gets cut for the film. Sorry ladies.

Emily & Theodore Whitman: Chita Rivera & Victor Garber

Follies- Chita
How adorable would it be to see Chita and Victor hoofing it to “Rain on the Roof”?

Solange LaFitte: Sophia Loren

Solange- Follies
If you can get Sophia Loren, you take Sophia Loren; but if you can’t, Christine Baranksi would be stellar too.

Hattie Walker: Tracey Ullman // Young Hattie: Tammy Blanchard

Hattie- Follies
If Tracey Ullman isn’t singing “Broadway Baby” don’t fund the picture.

Stella Deems: Queen Latifah // Young Stella: Audra McDonald

Stella- Follies
Oh how fun would it be to see these two share “Mirror Mirror”? And I say share because Audra has to sing a little too.

Roscoe (“Beautiful Girls” soloist): Taye Diggs

Roscoe- Follies

Dimitri Weismann: Geoffrey Rush

Weismann- Follies
Okay, we borrowed Rush from Marshall’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ but how could you argue it? And Weismann doesn’t sing.

“Loveland” Beauties

Loveland- Follies
We didn’t forget about these Marshall leading ladies, we just ran out of Follies girls.

Rob Marshall’s brilliant Into the Woods hits movie theaters Christmas Day.