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Patti Murin Is a Laugh Riot As She Talks Lysistrata Mishaps, Shakespeare Romance & Her Show at 54 Below

August 8th, 2014 by

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Patti Murin Is a Laugh Riot As She Talks Lysistrata Misha...
In the Broadway business, you get a bunch of press releases about upcoming solo shows but never has one been more funny, colorful and exciting than that of Broadway darling Patti Murin for her new show Literally Patti Murin. The Wicked, Emma, Love's Labour's Lost and Lysistrata Jones star is going to be belting her face off and providing plenty of laughs on Monday, August 11, and if the show is half as funny and charming as the press release, it will be the can't-miss theatrical event of August. Below, the leading lady regales us with stories of Shirley Temple, Ben Brantley and her handsome Monday-night-guest-stars Jason Tam and Colin Donnell.

1. I feel like I was literally inspired to become an actress after seeing:
My Grandma Murin owned what seemed like every single Shirley Temple movie on VHS, plus countless other movie musicals. At the time I didn't know that something huge was blossoming within me, but looking back I can see that that's literally the only place my love of theatre could have started.

Shirley Temple GIF

2. If they wrote a new musical based on my life so far, it would be titled and the 11 o’clock number would be:
Overthinker and the 11 o'clock number would be "Indecision."

Alice in Wonderland GIF

3. The Shakespeare couple that literally describes Colin Donnell and me:
Probably Berowne and Rosaline from Love's Labour's Lost. We were essentially two people who were terribly attracted to each other, but neither one of us was looking to settle down or be committed. Then Shakespeare happened, and the rest is history!

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4. The song that might literally stop the show at 54 Below:
There is one line in one song that most people in the world have never heard that could shock their pants off. I literally just gave you no information whatsoever. But if you want to find out, come to the show on Monday!

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5. The Lysistrata Jones story that Jason Tam and I can still crack up about:
When we were doing the show downtown at the Judson Church, our stage right wing space was basically just a couple of closets, because we were in an actual gymnasium. Jason and I spent about 15 minutes in one of those closets every night during the show waiting to make an entrance, and the door was semi-functional at best. The night that Ben Brantley came to review the show, the doorknob literally would not work, no matter what we did. And so Jason was forced to throw his entire body weight against the door to shove it open. There was probably only about a 3 second delay before we got out, but holy crap it felt like forever.

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6. If there was literally only one Patti Murin rule about live tweeting, it would be:
Don't drink and tweet. Unless it's funny.

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7. Here’s a list of my literal all-time favorites:
Film: The Princess Bride (whoever wants to write the musical version starring Colin Donnell and I, feel free)
Cast Recording: Rent. Still. It occupies an entire ventricle of my heart.
Book: The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer
Reality TV Show: Anything Bachelor/Bachelorette related. Have you met me?

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Don't miss Patti Murin light up the stage at 54 Below on August 11 in 'Literally Patti Murin.'