Meet All of Alyse Alan Louis' Quirky & Cool Amelie the Musical Characters

Last updated May 8th, 2017 by Alyse Alan Louis
Meet All of Alyse Alan Louis' Quirky & Cool Amelie the Musi…

Alyse Alan Louis is absolutely adorkable and beyond captivating as various characters in the charming new Broadway musical Amelie

. Alyse is featured as Georgette (a hypochondriacal tobacconist at the Two Windmils Cafe), Collignon's Mother, and Sylvie (a sex shop worker).
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BroadwayBox asked Alyse to introduce us to each of these characters and give us a closer look at her wonderfully stylized David Zinn costume pieces. Scroll on to enter the zany world of Amelie.


This sweater and scarf have invaluably informed how I play hypochondriacal, fragile, loving, and powerful Georgette. Thank you, David Zinn (Scenic and Costume Designer).  At the beginning of the show, these pieces help to protect Georgette from the world, they act as her shield. And as the story unfolds and Georgette opens her heart to love, because of Amélie, these intricate pieces celebrate Georgette's intricacies. Like this sweater, she's colorful and complicated. Knit with love for the production in Berkeley, this sweater is a testament to the "handmade" quality of the story our Amélie family tells together each night on Broadway. Every detail in Amélie's journey, we make together, moment to moment, piece by piece. 

Georgette Sweater

Here's a closer look at the fabric

Georgette Skirt

And isn't this skirt beautiful? It was also built at Berkeley Rep, along with many of the costumes in our Broadway production, during our world premiere of Amélie in 2015.  (Shout out to the incredible costume shop at Berkeley Rep). It fits like a glove and I'm honored to wear a custom-made piece like this. And true to life, I wear wedge sneakers as Georgette. David Zinn kept our own personal style in mind when creating looks for our characters. 

Blue Coat

Here's a shot of me in my blue coat with David Andino (Blind Beggar, Garden Gnome, Anchorperson). Each blue coat in the show was custom made. There are times in Amélie, like the Metro scenes, "Goodbye Amelie", or "Blue Arrow Suite", when our cast represents the people of Paris helping to drive Amélie's story forward. These are our blue coat moments. Each coat and the hat that accompanies it are one of a kind. 

Blue Coat Shoes

I love the little black flowers on mine and I wear my favorite shoes in the show with my blue coat. 

Blue Coats at Today Show

It's really a feast for the eye when we are all wearing our blue coats together. (Photo Credit: Elizabeth Coleman (Head Sound). 

Collignon's Mother

Add a shawl and a extreme posture change and I morph into Collignon's Mother, the crotchety old dame with a hearing problem who can't pronounce "Bretodeau". I play this character for just a couple of minutes and that's an example of what I love about our ensemble musical. The opportunity to work as a team with my Amélie family and then slip out of the group as a deeply weird character, that I've put my stamp on, at times for just a few moments, is a gift for me as an actor.

Mickey Ears Exposed

This is my black and white look for "When The Booth Goes Bright". Adam Chanler-Berat (Nino) sings this song and it's all about the connection between the past and the present through photo booth photos. Each cast member's black and white look highlights their character in a different time. We've all created detailed backstories for ourselves here and our costumes have informed that. I love my Mickey Mouse ears and the pattern on my black and white sweater. It encourages me to connect to a more youthful, playful, care free Georgette. 


There she is: Sylvie. I had the most fun fitting I've ever had (with David Zinn, Associate Costume Designer: Patrick Johnson, and Assistant to the Costume Designer: Hahnji Jang) before our production at CTG in LA. Sylvie works with Nino at the Sex Shop. She's pretty laid back, has a low sultry voice, which I found in tech at the Kerr after our Director Pam MacKinnon planted the seed of fooling around with a different take on Sylvie. And I can't get enough of this wig care of Charles LaPointe, our Wig Designer, and Hair Supervisor Kevin Maybee. Hands down my favorite part of this costume are these pants and you can't see them underneath but I've got these high black pumps on that literally make me feel like I'm 6 feet tall. (Photo Credit: Wardrobe Supervisor Jessica Worsnop. Shout out to her and our incredible Dressers at the Walter Kerr: Liz Brady, Eddie Harrison, Tracey Diebold, and Dawn Marcoccia.)

Get yourself over to Broadway's Walter Kerr Theatre before May 21 to see Alyse Alan Louis live in 'Amelie'.