It’s a Mamie Parris YouTube Spiral! See Cats’ New Grizabella Belt Her Face Off

Last updated September 29th, 2016 by Josh Ferri
It’s a Mamie Parris YouTube Spiral! See Cats’ New Grizabell…

As October approaches, big-voiced singer Mamie Parris prepares to go from Andrew Lloyd Webber musical to ALW musical. Parris leaves behind School of Rock

(where she originated the role of controlling, type-A villainess Patty) to assume the iconic role of Grizabella in the new Broadway mounting of Cats.
Mamie Parris- Broadway- Cats- Grizabella
Photo by Monica Simoes

Soon we will hear Parris’, “touch me. It’s so easy to leave me all alone with my memory” filling up the Neil Simon Theatre, but until then we have these six YouTube clips of Mamie Parris singing her face off.

"Back to Before", Ragtime

🙌 moment: The big ending at 3:25.

"Buenos Aires", Evita

🙌 moment: How can you resist 5:53?

"Life of the Party", The Wild Party

🙌 moment: Get ready for the "never fear" moment at 1:28.

"The Story Goes On", Baby

🙌 moment: Her killer "Story Goes On" happens at 2:07.

"Perfect", It Shoulda Been You

🙌 moment: She better get her life at 1:40-1:55.

"Get Out and Stay Out", 9 to 5

🙌 moment: Legit the whole damn thing. DAMN, Griz.

See Mamie Parris in 'Cats' at the Neil Simon Theatre beginning October 17.