The Legally Blonde OBC Reunion's Tonight! Let's GIF Through The Cast Album!

Last updated April 22nd, 2020 by BroadwayBox Staff
The Legally Blonde OBC Reunion's Tonight! Let's GIF Through…

Grab some comfy hot pink clothes to wear and get ready to "bend and snap!"

Cast and creative members from the Original Broadway Cast of Legally Blonde, Laura Bell Bundy, Orfeh, Andy Karl, Jerry Mitchell and more, are reuniting in a special live reunion presented by The Broadway Podcast Network Wednesday, April 22 at 9pm EST.

To prepare for the amazing reunion and help recreate the euphoria we felt at the Palace Theatre back in 2007, we are spinning the upbeat, toe tapping, high belting cast album with a score by Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin. Follow us track by track expressing ourselves not just with text but with some GIF reactions.

1. Omigod You Guys

From the jump, this is us for all 5:48 minutes. Even the ballad-y parts

2. Serious

Sorry, Warner - your loss!

3. What You Want

But can you imagine that plane ride on Jet Blue? Thank you!

4. The Harvard Variations

Don't challenge Elle!

5. Blood in the Water

It's serving old school Broadway, and we appreciate it.

6. Positive

Fierce fierce fierce

7. Ireland

At least we can pretend to be, like Paulette!

8. Ireland (Reprise)

Listen to Paulette, Elle! And if not - at least appreciate her flawless high belting.

9. Serious (Reprise)

Still here. Still Serious. Warner does not get it.

10. Chip on My Shoulder

When all the studying pays off! Just needed to make a few small adjustments!

11. So Much Better

Oh, that realization - it's a magical moment.

12. Whipped into Shape

What we think we look like when trying to recreate the choreo for this number from home.

13. Take it Like a Man

A midtempo tune about shopping with some flirty subtext? Yes please.

14. Bend and Snap

How could we not... it's a homage!

15. There! Right There!

Plot twist! And to another old school-y sounding Broadway tune!

16. Legally Blonde

Hit us right in our feels, why don't ya Elle?!

17. Legally Blonde (Remix)

Ooooh it's all happening! This beat and that high belting. We might need to repeat it just one more time.

18. Find My Way / Finale

That put a smile on our faces.

Tune into the Legally Blonde Reunion Wednesday, April 21st at 9pm EST.