Katie Ladner on the Subway Stickers, Tweets & Personal Experiences That Help Her Bring Heart to Heathers

Last updated June 16th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Katie Ladner on the Subway Stickers, Tweets & Personal Expe…

After seeing the musical adaptation of Heathers, you want to be Heather Chandler, you want to be besties with Veronica and you just want to bear hug Martha Dunnstock, AKA Martha Dumptruck.

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Photo by Chad Batka

Newcomer Katie Ladner makes Martha a character you can’t take your eyes off of—seriously, she’s the one to watch in all those slow motion montages—and a character audiences become emotionally invested in over the course of the show. (Whose heart doesn’t break for the mean girls’ target?) Below, Ladner shares with BroadwayBox the many different inspirations she pulls from to bring Martha to the masses.

First, I'd have to say "the little things" inspire me. Whether that be the random happy face sticker I see at my local C train stop that I like to think a cute girl in pig tails put there absentmindedly, or the small gifts my cast mates give me. Just the other day Barrett Wilbert Weed gave me the cutest unicorn ring, just because she thought of me. It's little things like that, that make me happy. I think that appreciating the small things is something that keeps Martha in her own safe world.

Secondly, my school experience. I’d like to think school wasn't the easiest for anyone. Everything was amplified. I was picked on in school. Who wasn't? Kids are mean. But high school is where you learn not only academically but socially. And in a way, I'm grateful for those learning experiences because it's made not only a great base for Martha to bloom from but has made me the woman I am today.

Lastly, all the support I've gotten throughout this journey has truly been an inspiration. My family has been my number one supporter and has always encouraged me to follow my dreams. I can't thank them enough for that. My friends, near or far encourage me daily. And something that I haven't expected has been the support from our Heathers Fans. Not a show goes by without someone at the stage door or via Twitterverse telling me how much Me playing Martha has encouraged them. People often ask me if it's hard to play Martha, and go through what she goes through during the show, and I always say without fail, no. If I can be the voice for all the Martha Dumptrucks out there and move at least one person then that in itself inspires me to it all over again the next day!

Let Katie Ladner melt your heart in the off-Broadway musical Heathers at New World Stages.